Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 22...100 Day Celebration! And a 50 celebration?

What a week!
First of all, I just have to share what I found on my keyboard this week....what a lovely surprise from some hard working, artistic Kindergarten Kiddos!

Here are some of the books we read this week:
 Moonbear's Shadow Guess Whose Shadow?


We began this week's adventures by 
finishing up with our groundhog and shadow unit.

 and a little kindergarten mischief!

 Our centers on Tuesday included this fun brain break area of using the "old fashioned" overhead projector to make pics with shadows!

We also played a probability game of
"What will the groundhog see?"
Sunny or Cloudy?
This was a fun dice game...

Yep, another "hide the tens frames" station!
Always a favorite!

We are focusing on ending sounds at this table....

And our Science Station
was to match shadows to!

April helped at the probability station.

Here is some more tens frame work....

Probability (wish I could move pics around easier!)

Morning Challenges included 
putting together 100 day sentences...

100 Day abc order... 
And counting by 5's........

These are one of my favorites!
We worked two days on this shadow project...NICE!

Here are some of this month's Valentine Family Projects:

and more shadow pics....

We made the 100 day banner that all of us walked through ...

Welcome, Jordan!

Here we are peeking out of our sign!
Our 100 day CELEBRATION is finally here!
Here the kiddos come....

Before we began our celebration we gathered around the 
yummy 100 snack!

We sang "Happy 100th Day to Us"

Then we headed to one of 15 stations
to have fun and explore the number 100!

We could not have done this without volunteers!
Thank you so much!

The following pics are of each child during the celebration....

Here are some of Mrs. Pilger and Mrs. Kalmes' helpers...
Thank you to EVERYONE!

Here are some of the projects
we might have chosen:

Making a googal...the number that is 1 plus 100 zeros!

A paper chain...each classroom has a 100 chain!

100 steps...where will you end up?

100 Dots on the Dalmation...

Rolling a Dice to 100

100 Gumballs

100 Stamps...

100 Squares...

100 Fingers....Give me Five!

100 Day Questions
Look for a Lucky Duck book coming home soon...

100 Tallies...

100 Dollars!

Snack Area...MMMMM!

After 1 hour of fun and learning it was time to go!

Here are our 100 day pics AFTER the celebration....

We created these gorgeous 100 dot pictures in our classrooms earlier this week...


And finally, here's our 100 section caterpillar
that you helped create by sending in your child's
100 day themed paper plates!

Super cute and super loooooong!

Here are some of the 100 day things found in our room....

And then on Friday....
I found all these 50 year old decorations in our room!
Guess who had a birthday Saturday?
And it was a BIG one!

I had loads of fun as the staff and kids helped me celebrate!
My day ended with these gorgeous flowers from my adult kiddos!
I promise to have a family blog soon
(it's been awhile!)
 featuring some of the other 
celebrations and adventures  in our lives!

Upcoming for the week of February 11-15
Theme: wrap up 100 day, begin Valentines 
(see the page above for a class list if needed)
Reading: Letter Ll, star word "is", quotation marks (catch up time from last week!) sounding out words
Math: measuring weight and volume
Science: How can we care for the Earth?
Social Studies: Needs and Wants revisited

Big News: Valentines party on Thursday afternoon
Wear the Color-of-the-Day for Tina:
Monday: orange
Tuesday: yellow
Wednesday: white
Thursday: red
Friday: green

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