Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 23, Letter Ll, star word 'is', measuring capacity and weight, Valentines!

Well....This is what I walked into on Monday!
TWO days of birthday shenanigans!
The kids loved it~

Yep, all the way down the hallway!
I believe our wonderful evening custodian, Rod, 
had a hand in this labor intensive surprise!

Monday was our REAL 100th day!
We sure enjoyed our 100 day gorp...
many kiddos were surprised how little 100 was
when counting cereal or chocolate chips!

Here we are adding our 100 snack pieces...yummy!

100 Marbles at choice time!

Oh we loved this activity that went with the book
The Wolf's Chicken Soup.
There are 100 chicks in the story
which mysteriously were hidden around
our room after lunch!

We had a blast finding and placing the chicks
back into the 100's chart!

Gabby found 100!
What fun we had reviewing our numbers
to 100!

This whole group activity was 
a numeric picture!

Don't you just love our 100 day hats?
We counted by 10's

Oh yes....everyone got to take home a 
lovely black balloon...we even shared
with Mrs. Kalmes and Mrs. Pilger's kids!
That was a LOT of balloons!

Don't you believe it!
50 feels young!
Just finished my first 10+ mile hike...
pics on a family blog coming soon...
really, I know I know, I've
been saying that for awhile....

Tuesday's centers were Valentine themed...
This was ending sounds...

Here is playdough shape and tricky letter review...
bdpqg are the tricky ones!

Here is greater than with tallies...

Mrs. Benke helped us with measurement...

This cutie is sounding out words listening for 
and recording the number of sounds heard...

more playdough fun...

Morning challenges are getting harder!
All three involved putting numerals in order up to 100.

We had a lesson on drawing and cutting hearts this week...

Thursday was VALENTINES!

Some lucky kiddos received cookies from the 
High School!  Yummy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Patty's scotch-a-roo bars!
Even better in a heart shape!
Thanks for all the nice Valentines...what a lovely week!

Centers on Thursday were FUN!

Dice roll addition....

Whoo Hoo...the Valentines Opening Table!

Candy Heart Sorting...and eating!

Friday we had fun with the pan balances!

Library was at the BOOK FAIR!
Stop by during conferences to take a look!

Here's some of our books from this week...

Week of February 19-22
Reading: Letter Kk, short i words, star word 'here'
Math: wrap up measuring, begin addition
Theme: Dental Health
Social Studies: Communication
Science: Weather
BIG NEWS: Conferences Tuesday and Thursday 
Looking forward to seeing you!

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