Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 30 Letter Xx, Weather, Fools' Five

What a fun way to begin our week~
The kiddos were greeted Monday with this funny request:
Please write supercalifragilisticexpialidious 
on our morning chart!
We also shared many many funny books,
most about underwear.
Because this is hilarious if you are 5 or 6!
These girls are sharing Giggle Bugs Book.
We began this true classic:
We have been reading 4 chapters a day. 
They are short chapters.
Funny but short!

Our Family Projects are rolling in....BEAUTIFUL!

The Discovery Table is full of Easter surprises!

And that brings us to CENTERS!
Here Chickee, Chickee was all about middle sounds.

A Big Fat Hen was looking at ONE LESS and ONE MORE.

They had to search for these.
They always love the ones they search for.
No matter how ordinary it is.

The Mixes Up Hen showed us a NEW SKILL:
UNSCRAMBLING mixed up star words!

We also measured eggs,
horizontally and vertically!
Great words to teach K Kids.

This one was supposed to be a chick when we finished
coloring by the coded numerals.
However, it was a mix up and we made a butterfly instead!

Here are more Family Projects!

We spent some time learning about eggs and egg layers.
were another set 
of BIG words that kids LOVE to learn!
(egg layers or not egg layers)
We ended our lesson with these 
cutie pie chicks!

(sorry about pic quality here...)

On Wednesday we learned about the wind.
We were scientists and made guesses about how many 
HUFFS and PUFFS it took to blow objects across the carpet.
Here a kiddo is working on an object!

Thursday's centers involved a new painting technique:
Making rain with a toothbrush.
Yep, I went home quite speckled with blue paint.
Look for this in a lucky duck book coming home soon!

We also worked on a PROBABILITY sheet while we waited our turn.
Raining Cats and Dogs was the title of this fun page.
Which raindrop will win?
The cat or the dog?

We also did a little addition:

And a little one to one correspondence with raindrops:

Another favorite:
Using magnifiers to find the teeny tiny words written on our weather icons!

We had Ms. I stop in to observe a Kindergarten class for her student teaching requirements!
She helped this team find the 
RAINING CATS and DOGS umbrellas.
We are practicing counting by twos.

Friday we began our day with a Fools Five celebration!
Mr. Schmaltz dressed as a wrestler because the kids raised over $6000!
Hope to see you at the race!
Week of April 8-12
Reading: Letter O, short o, sequence of events
Math: Topic 13 MONEY
Theme: Weather and Rainbows
Social Studies: Our Leaders
Science: How Does the Sun Seem to Move?

REMEMBER: Snow pants and snow boots are 
required until further notice...even if it is nice out,
the playground is wet and muddy.

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