Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 31 Letter Oo, Money, Weather, THUNDER CAKE!!!!

Oh what a CRAZY week!
Mother Nature cooperated and provided us with many different kinds of weather this week!
One of our favorite topic was storms.
We read a true story about a little girl who was frightened of storms until her baboshka, her grandma, made a cake with her during the storm.  She learned how brave she really was!
Here is the author, Patricia Polacco, reading the story: Thunder Cake on YouTube
Then, we MADE our own THUNDER CAKE! Yummy!
I will send home the page below so you can make it at home.
Here we are cooking and eating:

We also had a blast with this book:

This is what we saw...sometimes it looked like spilled milk, sometimes it looked like.....
But it wasn't any of those things....
It was just a cloud in the sky!
Thanks to Mrs. Pilger for the pictures of the clouds...I forgot to take some in our room,
so I "borrowed" hers!

In  Math this week we learned about money!
Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Dollar were the topics.
Thanks for sending in the coins for us to look at!
Coins are fascinating! 

Ask your child to play with 
PRECIPITATION game with you!
We played it as we learned about the water cycle.
Here we have two scientists wearing their water cycles like crowns!

We love showing you our centers every Tuesday and Thursday.
If you ever wish to help us out, we would love to have you 
during this time!
The theme this week was weather and rainbows!
This one is beginning and ending sounds rainbow.
BONUS: writing ALL the sounds they heard.

This center was a little ODD and EVEN review.

Oh we LOVED this one!
We focused on weather words and weather drawings.
We wrote like "1st graders" and drew like "meteorologists!"

Solids Liquids Gases Sorting was at the writing center.

FINALLY, we got to write with the SCENTO markers!
We practiced star words while indulging our noses!
Blueberry was a favorite.

We found this cute little otter in my O file.
The kids fell in love with my sample so we just HAD to make one
to take home!

We made rainbows to brighten our room.
We can at least PRETEND it is Springlike!
I love the raindrops and sunshine!

Here are more centers...
This one is a clever way to represent sums to 10.

I have to say, this one really made us THINK!
The color words were all mixed up and we had to 
unscramble them! A good skill for all the future

Here we are with the Coin Toss...a vocabulary review.

This format is becoming a favorite....
TEENY TINY words are hidden in the pictures
and we have to find them using magnifiers.
This one was color words!
Target had soooo many different, cute magnifiers, 
I just had to buy 5 of each!

This magnifier is shaped like a camera!  
I know I'd be reaching for my real camera if ever a rainbow happened my way!

This final center was rearranging the letters in 
to form new words!

We needed lots of space!
Wow...I was really impressed with some of the words they found...
ship, hips, lip, she, he, ram...just to name a few!

I forgot to take pictures of this week's morning challenges 
so a few of the kiddos redid them for me!
What hard working sweeties!
This one is beginning letter review

This one is coin name review...
And finally short i and short o word puzzles!

This is one of my favorite morning message charts!

Look for this sweet book coming home soon!
I Can Sing a Rainbow is the Title.

Week of April 15-19
Reading: letter Ww, short e, segmenting
Math: Finish money, begin time
Theme: wrap up weather, MUD DAY MONDAY, 
and begin The Farm
Science: How we use our senses
Social Studies: Cooperation

If you ordered books, they should be in by Friday.
Thanks for ordering!

The playground supervisors will let us know when these items are no longer needed.  We will let you know as soon as we hear!

Upcoming Dates:
Friday, April 26 ... No Kindergarten due to Round Up for next year's kiddos
Friday, May 24 ...Oxbow Zoo Field Trip
We will be asking for VOLUNTEERS shortly
Thursday, May 30 ...Kindergarten Family Picnic 11:30ish
at the Arches...a short program will follow the potluck 

Friday, May 31...Last Day of School for the 2012-2013 year

Rain Forest Animals 1 and 2 will be offered to all kids going into 1st grade next year.
The dates are June 17-24  and August 5-9
There is a small fee of $25 PER class.
Your child may come to one or both classes.
A sign up sheet will be coming home next week!
We often fill up fast...first come first serve for registration.

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