Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 2 or Nursery Rhymes, Eric Carle (or Dr. Evil? As one child recalled!) and Sorting

 Kids do say the funniest things!
We had read many books written and/or illustrated by
Eric Carle this week.
I was trying to get the kiddos to make connections
to the next Eric Carle book when I asked
if they had any guesses as to who illustrated it..
Yep, Dr. Evil was the first answer I got!
I love my job!

This summer I was lucky enough to get involved in a
COUNTRY WIDE abc project!
We made 26 letter Nn's to ship to 25 schools 
across the USA!
We are slowly getting other letters in the mail.
Letters (like ABC letters) from Kindergartens in 
Florida, California, Oklahoma, and Kansas!
We have 20 more to receive.
How cool it that!
Here are our letter Nn's ...Nn for night!

Meanwhile back to our regular curriculum...
This week we spent each day learning a new
Nursery Rhyme.
Jack and Jill was on Monday...

We have been creating LUCKY DUCK books!
By now all of the k kids have been "lucky" enough 
to bring one home to share with you 
before returning the book to school.
These peek-a-boo belly button pictures
are from the end of our Button book...
"the best kind of buttons?  Belly Buttons!"
Look for this fun LUCKY DUCK book coming home 
with your child soon!

On Tuesday we learned the poem 
Hey Diddle Diddle.
We had to paint our moons with BUBBLES!
The gray paint on the yellow circles made 
beautiful cratered moons!

Here are some kiddos working on the other parts of their 
Hey Diddle Diddle project....

The interactive part of our morning message says,
"please draw a moon"
Nice job, kids!

On Tuesday we also got to choose our Poetry Journals!
Every Tuesday your child will bring home a short poem or song
that we have been working on.
Please have your reader read it 5 times to
5 people or to the same person or a combo of each.
Don't forget relatives you can call, 
Long distance Grandmas and Grandpas would LOVE
the opportunity to be part of your little one's learning process!
(yep, I am a grandma now!)
Even pets are acceptable if you are within earshot.

Here we are working on Morning Challenges....puzzles this week!

Wednesday brought Humpty Dumpty as our
poem of the day!
Cute eggs!

OH, yes, this one is adorable, too!

At choice time we opened the PAINTING STATION!
It is always busy!

On Thursday we practiced our first round
This station was painting with marshmallows
to review shapes...CIRCLE!
What fun!

This station's focus was TRIANGLES!
We "magically" turned squares into triangles
by cutting on the diagonal (a great word for 5-6 year olds!)

The last station was making squares from 4 thin rectangles!

After getting the gist of switching, rotating, working hard, and setting up for the next "customers" we had another round of stations in the afternoon! This time there were 5 tables!
We sorted M&Ms by color using Brown Bear mats...
Mrs. Benke gets to help us for 45 minutes each afternoon so
she supervised this yummy table!

Since the painting station is always so busy,
we provided everyone with the chance to paint with
watercolors by offering Nursery Rhyme sheets to paint!

The playdough station had bears and cooking tools to explore!
Purple Sparkly Play Dough= my favorite!

And finally my station was creating the Hickory Dickory Dock
project for our Nursery Rhyme of the day!

Are you sitting down for this new vocabulary word?
(when a word is spelled the same forwards and backwards)
Yes, we learned this great word as Hannah was our leader on Friday so we just HAD to talk about her name!!!

Thanks for sending in the SAME/DIFFERENT homework...
Here they are!
See if your kiddo can tell you WHY the different one is not the same for some of these....

We had another BIRTHDAY k kid!!!

Every Friday we will have Library with Ms. Manly
and Mrs. Reisetter....
 Please use the library BOOK BAG provided EVERY WEEK
 to keep your K Kid's library book safe and dry.
The librarians thank you!

Our last Nursery Rhyme was 
Mary Had A Little cute!

Here are a few of the books we read this week:

And now WEEK 3...
September 16-20
Reading: Letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd 
and beginning sounds
Math: Sorting and Classifying
Theme: finish Brown Bear begin Pete the Cat
Shapes and Colors
Science: How Do Animals Move?
Social Studies: We learn from our friends

School Fundraiser Kick Off is Monday.
Please refer to Cardinal for details.
It is not a required activity but every little donation/purchase does make a difference.
Thanks for helping!

Tennis Shoes: please remind your child to WEAR their tennis shoes TO school as we do not have time to switch before leaving for music/P.E

Also as the mornings are getting cooler, many kids are bringing jackets, sweaters, coats.
put your family's name or your child's name
in or on any item your child might remove
throughout the day.
This will increase your chance of getting the item back if your child removes it and leaves it in gym, the lunchroom, music, the hallway, the bus.
You should SEE the lost and found table at the end of is OVERFLOWING!!!!
Remember that permanent marker that was on the supply list?  This is why!  Please use it. 

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