Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 3...Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Our First Switch-A-Roo

 Wow, These kiddos are really knocking my socks off!
 Every day we look at the number of days in K.
Just a part of our routine is to talk about how many sets of ten and how many ones are left over. 
For instance in the number 15, 
we say "1 set of 10 with 5 ones left over"
This time of year, k kids typically have no idea what that means
they just repeat it because we say it EVERYDAY
 but with different numbers.  Usually by Spring most kids have a grasp on this hard skill.
THIS year, they are saying it on their own with just about any numeral they see!  Like I said...WOW!

We are now racing through the ABC's with a letter of the day!
Thanks for all the great snacks that match our letter.
For Aa day we had animals crackers from Dayton,
On Bb day we had bananas from Brody,
On Cc day we had cheese and crackers from Tre, 
and on Dd day Dierks brought us deer meat!
Thanks again!

Your child will need to have all the letters upper and lowercase mastered by the end of the first quarter...which is the beginning week of November!  They can do it!  I believe in them!

Here is a sample of our 1st quarter skills...
we will send home a mid-quarter assessment of these skills 
in the next couple of weeks:
Quarter One Skills

Here is one of our Aa projects from Monday:
An Alligator Purse full of Aa words!

Here the kids are creating a page in our ABC Book 
that we will send home at the end of 
our Letter-A-Day series.
Everyday we create something fun in our books!

On Tuesday we met Ms. Todd, the Guidance Counselor!
She will be visiting with us weekly to discuss social skills, feelings, safety, and friendship!

Another birthday!

Here is a picture of our smartboard work that we do daily.
As luck would have it, our smartboard projector broke just after this picture was taken!
Hopefully it will be replaced SOON!
I rely on it as a teaching tool and the kids LOVE it!

On Bb day we painted these adorable bears...

Here is our ABC Book page...

and here is Cc day's entry...
a Cute Cat!

On Wednesday we had centers.
We will have centers at least once a week.
Twice a week as the year gets rolling.
The kids really use their brains and imaginations 
during this hour of small group stations. 
 If you would ever wish to help in the afternoon, 
we would love to have you during this time!
  We switch to 4 different stations right now and another set of hands is always welcome!
Just call or drop a line and I will plan for you!!!
This station was using playdough to practice number recognition...

This was Brown Bear Dice Roll and Graphing...

 This was Shape Sorting...Cute!

We also practiced DRAWING shapes!

Here is our leader acting out a story problem...
He is the apple tree with 13 apples on.
A bear shook the tree to have 6 apples fall.
How many are left?
The kids ALL got it right!
Plus we had a good time!

Here is Thursday's Dd day chart and Dd page for our ABC Book...

The kiddos wished to share with you some of our 
morning opening activities...
This one is Spin and Play Math, the back that you cannot see is
Spin and Play Phonics.
They chart next to it is our little activity for the number of days in school...that is where the leader got to be the apple tree (see above)

We also go over the letter of the day with our chart...
and by finding that letter in our names...

We always take a  moment to read together....
The kids should be able to read this easily!
Ask them to try....

On Friday we had our first Switch-a-Roo!
We went to Mrs. Pilger's room to create these cute 'a' apples...

I then had Mrs. Kalmes' kids create these adorable 'apple pies!'

After Music and P.E. and Library, 
we went to Mrs. Kalmes' room to create (and eat) 

Mrs. Pilger's kids then came to me for those cute pies...

We will make them on Monday!

What you do not see here but will 
as soon as your kiddo brings home a lucky duck book
 is all the writing and illustrating we have been doing lately!
The Band Aid Book,
Humpty Dumpty Sat on a _____,
Mary Had a Little WHAT?,
Hickory Dickory Dock, A ____Ran Up The Clock
are the 4 we've been working on!
A few k kids are actually writing the sounds they hear in their word on their own!  AMAZING!

Not sure if I've shown you these adorable colorful bears in the hallway....I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Here are some books we read this week:


And now for Week 4
September 23-27
Reading: Letters Ee, Ff, Gg, and Hh PLUS Rhyming
Math: Topic 2 Position and Location
Theme: Apples! 
Science: How Do Animals Grow and Change?
Social Studies: Friends at School 
Have an awesome week!
 p.s.  Here is a peek at what I did this past weekend....
That's a whole other blog posting!  
10 miles (up a bluff!), 30 pounds on my back, 
a Hennessy Hammock, and a port-a-loo!
Stay tuned!

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