Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 4: Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh APPLES!!!!

Wow!  What a week!
APPLE ORCHARD PICS at the end of this blog!

Monday we learned about the letter Ee.
We designed eggs!  BEAUTIFUL!
We dipped our filter paper eggs into 
concentrated watercolor.

Our projector for the smartboard broke last week
so we improvised...not quite as interactive, 
but it works!

for our first science EXPERIENCE!
It just kept foaming out of the tube!  
Here's all you need....
And follow these directions at...

The yeast worked as a catalyst to help release 
the extra oxygen atom on the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
to create plain old water! 
 We added soap to make it nice 
and foamy!

The kiddos and I play the ABC Game daily.
We review 25/26 abc cards with naming the letter,
saying the sound, and doing the visual phonics that each letter is associated with.  THEN, the leader and the leader's table guess
which letter we left out.
If they say the correct letter, they get a point.
If not, I do.
I also get points for poor behavior: kids not participation,
shouting out answers, not sitting as expected.

Yep, they got to 10 before I even had 3 points!
Well done!
So here is there graph of the choices they had as a reward:
We went outside to play at an extra recess!

On Ff Day~Tuesday~the K Kids got to be the scientists!
Fizzy Foamy FUN with plain old baking soda and vinegar!
plus a few sparkles and dye for good effect...
Gosh this does look like fun!

We even dressed for the part with safety goggles!

Mostly this inexpensive lesson was on following directions
and taking turns with our lab partners!

At choice time, tables took turns playing 
with the baking soda and vinegar and pipettes.
What beautiful fun!
We also created this sparkly fish for our ABC Book...

Free Choice 

Goofy Glasses Day on Gg Day~Wednesday

Be looking for our Goofy Lucky Duck Book
coming home soon!

Here is our Gg page...GLITTER!

We also explored Glow Sticks at rest time.
We made Gg's (or at least tried was hard!)

We also took a look at our apples like scientists!
We noticed size, color, shape.
We graphed our data...

Then we transferred that data to our paper graphs.

We have a young man in class who is living with diabetes.
His mom came in to read to us all about diabetes.
Well done!
Thank you so much, Holly!
Here our friend is showing us where 
the medicine goes into his body.
We had lots of smart questions and Holly had great answers!

Sometimes our charts are just so cute by the time the kiddos get done with them, I just have to snap a pic!

We had to begin our dried apples on Wednesday in order 
for them to be done on Thursday.
Oh, it smelled sooooo good in our room!
The peels were delicious!

We received some of our classroom supplies finally.
The kids were tickled with the new marble works!

Thursday was a very interesting day!
On Hh day we had soooo much Help from the College Kids!
We had 4 eager, helpful, hardworking young adults 
that assisted in stations and centers all day!

10 Apples Up on Top

Apple journaling and preparing for cooking...
measuring our apples...

finishing some Ff day work,
Start with a Feather....

While we waited our turn, we had free choice.
With 5 stations, we were quite busy!
We did find some time to explore the science table!

Seasons of the Apple Tree station...

In the afternoon we had a rotation of stations at centers!
Science station: ways animals get around
Fly or Walk or Swim categorization...

Apple Tree 
Counting plus 1...hard but we got it!

Dot Dot Not A Lot Apples:
We learned how to use a little liquid glue to do the job!

Bobbing for Apples:
Draw a card, dot the number...

Apple Core Patterns:
Repeating the core pattern...just getting used to this skill!

Apple beginning sounds:
We just focused on the first 10 letters...

Here's Mrs. Benke helping out at the science table...
and me on the floor!

Finally Friday arrived!  Apple Orchard Day!
We began with apple themed morning challenges.
apple numeric order

Apple Tree number to object matching

ABC to abc Apple Match

And then we were off!
Ferguson's Apple Orchard
Click below to go to their website...

Farmer Tom does an excellent job of teaching us about apples and apple trees!  Thank you, Farmer Tom!

Yes, we are goofy!

I sure hope you can take your family
to an apple orchard this Fall!

Here are some books we read this week: 

And now for this upcoming week:
September 30-October 4
Week 5
Reading: Letters Ii, Jj, Kk,Ll and rhyming 
Math: Position words, begin patterning
Science: How can we sort animals?
Social Studies: Leaders at home and school

BIG NEWS: Homecoming Week! Parade on Friday!


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