Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 5 Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll "If you need me, I'll be all sciency over here, Mrs. O!"

I just love it when the kiddos say something 
Yep, If I needed that kiddo, I knew just where to look...
"If you need me, I'll be all sciency over here, Mrs. O!"

Because "someone" misplaced the heart stickers, 
The Hh ABC page had to wait until Monday.
The stickers turned up with the ABC stickers
I put on the kids' folders.  
Geez, who put them there?
The Ii page was yummy fun!

Speaking of Ii, did your little one play the 
"I've got my I on you trick"  ??? 
How cute!

One of the kiddos wanted me to take a picture of our password
so they could show it is!
The kiddos need to say this before entering the classroom...
this one was "big J, little J, /j//j//j/ (that's the sound Jj makes)"

On Tuesday we tried to finish up the apple unit
with some good old fashioned BALLOON painting
during centers!

so lovely!

We also read numerals and added them to the correct jar...

and matched upper case to lower case letters with these cutie pie book worms....

We also counted on brown bear strips and wrote the numeral:

And one of the favorites yet...
The kids poke a pin through a piece of foam 
and the outline of shape
 (in today's introductory lesson anyway, soon we add numbers, letters, and words!)

Here's another balloon painting pic...

We are really getting good at reading and creating graphs!
This one we began after we made and tasted all those great apple products from last week!
We finally put the finishing touches on it on Wednesday.
We also looked at some DIAGRAMS of apples, an apple tree, and our non-standard measurement unit of APPLES!
Here is another reading activity the kids are "playing" with:
They are choosing at rest time to read the chart
"I see (friend's name)"

Here are a few more kids CHOOSING academic items
at choice time!!!!  
I am a lucky teacher!

This kiddo is counting and sorting our play apples!

Yep, I am crazy enough to give the kids a KAZOO on Kk day!
We played them for awhile and then brought them home to entertain YOU!
(I should have apologized in advance!)

On Jj day we created these adorable JOHNNY APPLESEEDs!
Took me a day or two to get them in the hallway!

Thursday's centers included:
Read the room for APPLE TREE items...
I hide the tens frames with apple tree items on them
(roots, apples, branches, sun, rain...)
the kids need to find the tens frame and record it on their sheet.
Yep, it is another favorite center because the kids get 
to move around while they practice!

Another favorite center that we revisit a couple of times,
Writing our friends' names!

One of our AIMSWEB tests is missing number
so we practice when we can!
This center was "Acorn Missing Number"

This center was "Apple Beginning Sounds"
This week's focus was just the beginning sound of
Aa, Bb, or Cc.

And finally, our messy art center!
I try to get a few of these in a month,
just because kids NEED to make art!
This painting technique involves concentrated liquid watercolor and pipettes (mini eye droppers)
The skill was to aim for the white diffusing paper!

Friday was the HOMECOMING parade!
We made cardinals to show our school pride!

In the afternoon we headed to the PARADE!
Mrs. Sue Schneider and Mrs. Benke were in charge as I was IN the parade this year! 
A big thank you to Yam and Holly for sending me their pics of the parade!

Here are some of the books we read last week:   
Week 6  October 7-11
Reading: Letters Mm, Nn, Oo, and Pp, Rhyming, Beginning Sounds, Opposites
Math: Patterns
Theme: Pete the Cat, Autumn, Personal and Fire Safety
Science: What parts do plants have?
Social Studies: Rules for home and school
Tuesday, wear orange for "Take a Stand Against Bullying"
Wednesday: Picture Day ...order forms come home Monday
Friday LATE START 10:00 Cardinal Club is open, contact Jody Jordahl.  We head to the fire station at 1:00!

Several interesting homework items were sent home last week that were not due until this coming week or later.  Let's see if we can list them for you to make it easier:
Tuesday: Pumpkin Family Project, if members need to take part so do it when most people are home!
Tuesday: Leaf Journal (might have been Monday, Tuesday is fine)
End of the month: Pizza Hut Book It (you can turn this in whenever it is complete for a free personal pan pizza)

Call, write, text,  stop in anytime:
Marcia O'Duggan
523-2194     459-4442

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