Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 8 Tt Uu Vv Ww and Pumpkins, Spiders, and Fall Fun!

Wow!  What a fun, fast week last week was!
Here are a few of the super books we read this week:
The letter Tt was a hit on Monday...

We played a bit of catch-up on Monday as we created our 
LEAF looking for a great lucky duck book coming home soon....

SO cute!

Here is one of those squirrels from last week!
You know, the ones I forgot to photograph?
Kamryn brought hers back as part of her homework so I snapped a quick pic!

Centers on Tuesday were Fall Themed...
This pumpkin pie spiced playdough is DELIGHTFUL!
We stamped our names and other words.
Some kiddos worked on ABC order...awesome!

This station was beginning sounds leaves...

This station was leaf rhyming...

This station was numeral practice....

This station was our Ten Frames Book!
What fun using those great green dots!

We started new morning challenges on Monday....but I didn't get pics until Wednesday....

This one is missing number....

This is numeric order....

and finally here is abc order...

I wish I would have done a better job of taking pics of snacks...
this is our very nutritious Vv snack from Blake.
Thank you to everyone who has made this such a successful year for snack!  We will be signing up for just WEDNESDAY snacks at conferences....

We finger painted pumpkins!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE messy art!

They really are cute!

On Wednesday we earned a popcorn party for our ABC GAME!
I flash 25 of the 26 alphabet cards at the kids...quickly!
We say the name, the sound, and the visual phonics sign for the letter. The kids then have to tell me the missing letter.
They got 15 points so they chose a 
We watched Zaboomafo (Kratt Brothers)
and drank juice and ate popcorn!

On Thursday we made these great water color witches and 
WASHED them away!

Don't you love the spooky look?

We just loved our Ww chart!
I brought watermelon to share....MMMMM!

Thursday's Centers included....
That great pumpkin pie spiced playdough again...

Pumpkin beginning sounds....

Pumpkin numeral recognition....

Read the Room Autumn Words...

Pumpkin ways to make 5
(a tricky one for us! We will get better!)

We have some spooky fun around the room!
The discovery table is full of Halloween toys to explore and sort.

The skeleton science table is a great place to learn about our bones!

We also have a bat and spider area!

On Friday we began new morning challenges...
Bat abc order...

Bat numeral, counting, and tally match....

Spider numeral and counting ....

This is also a new PINTEREST PROJECT...
Witch ADORABLE!!!!!

Oh JOY!  We finally got to use the computer lab!
We go in during part of our library time...

I believe I forgot to post pics of our ABC book last week...
So here is Qq, Rr, and Ss

followed by this week's Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww....

On Friday we made adorable spiders!
And just before dismissal we sang 
"There's a spider on the floor, on the floor!"
What spidery fun!

Here's what's coming up:
October 28-November 1
Week 9
Reading: Letters Xx, Yy, Zz beginning sounds, rhyming
Math: Zero to 5
Theme: Halloween plus spiders, skeletons, bats
Science: What are living and nonliving?
Social Studies: Our World's Land
to support breast cancer awareness month!
ALSO Chippe Shoppe fund raiser items pick up is Monday, October 28 from 3:00-5:30  PLAY meeting is 6:30 PLEASE COME!

NO SCHOOL FOR KIDS on Wednesday,
 November 6 End-of-the-Quarter Workshop

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