Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 9 Xx, Yy, and Zz plus skeletons, bats, and HALLOWEEN!

Happy November!
I am not quite ready for October to be over, though...
Here are a few O'Duggan pics...
I hope the 3 kiddos at home NEVER get too old to carve pumpkins with their Momma and Daddy....probably wishful thinking!

Mark your calendar for NEXT year's TRUNK or TREAT! 
I was so happy to have a small part in this community event!
Here are some of the great books we read this week:   

This week in K was an incredibly busy week!
For one thing, we wrapped up our letter of the day series!
We will send home our BEAUTIFUL hand made ABC books 
on Thursday as the beginning of our 

We used old and donated calendars on Monday to practice
numeral printing.  We will do one calendar on most Mondays.
The kids really seem to enjoy the surprise of which month they receive!

I also gave in and bought these cute little FOXES for the
k kids to put together for the letter Xx day.
They were just sooooo cute!

We also watched, danced, and laughed with the video
What does the fox say?

We had a science lesson on bones and skeletons

Centers on Tuesday included the following:
Read the Room Spooky 10 Frames 

Recording Halloween Words...

Measuring Monsters
Thank you, Gina, for helping out!
We can use help any Tuesday and Thursday from 1:45 until 2:45
if you wish to join us just let me know!

Brain Break Pumpkin Pie Playdough!

Living and Nonliving Science Sorting...

Since Gina helped out, I was able to call kiddos over and create a small but adorable Halloween project with them!

We had new Morning Challenges on Wednesday:
abc order...

Writing HALLOWEEN words....
The kids copy from the word written on the wooden shape...

Ghostly Numeric Order...

On Wednesday we had a switch-a-roo day!
Here are Mrs. Kalmes' kids after they created their 
Halloween Cat with me.

Dierks brought these awesome cupcakes for Wednesday snacktime!

During the Switch-a-Roo, ALL of the K kids created
these super sweet Halloween Cats!
These are Mrs. Pilger's kids hard at work...


Wednesday afternoon we created these adorable

This is a pic of the bat bracelets we created with Mrs. Kalmes...

Did your kiddo tell you we were growing a brain?
Well, not a REAL one but one of those fun science-y toys
that grow in water!  
We did keep track of our data like scientists do!

Here are our last three ABC book pages...
Xx if for X-Ray

Yy is for Yellow Yak

Zz is for Zany Zebra

Finally HALLOWEEN was here!

The left pic is of Miss Shelby and Miss Hillary, 
our college helpers who join us every Thursday until 9:15.
And of course you know the goofy peacock on the right...

We filled our morning with GHOSTLY fun!
We studied air currents and air dynamics with these
great spinning ghosts...

And ghostly graphs with basic probability ...

Oh, don't these look interesting?
Our HALLOWEEN bags all ready to go !

We put on our costumes right after lunch...
I love these two wild ones!
and our "twin" princesses!
Look at us listening to a fun Halloween book...

And FINALLY our Halloween Party started!
Thank you to our parent volunteers,
Holly, Holly, Nicole, and Gina!
We couldn't have done it without you!

On Friday we caught up on Math.
We finally got to use these fun counters...
yellow on one side, red on the other...
We are learning about PARTS and WHOLE in Math.

We also looked at nocturnal animals for our theme...
BATS are a favorite!
Don't you just love these cute bat hats?

Ms. Manly took us to the computer lab again this week!

And now for WEEK 10
November 4-8
Reading: Beginning the letter of the week program with the letter Mm, recognition, perfect printing, and the sound are our focus!
We are also discussing singular and plural
Math: Zero to Five  
focusing on 1 and 2 more or less than a number
Theme: Night Time , nocturnal animals, and outer space!
Science: What Do Living Things Need?
Social Studies: Our World's Water
due to end of the quarter workshop day.
Be looking for your conference time coming home on Thursday as we meet as a group on Wednesday to assign times to families.

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