Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 10 Letter Mm, Star Word 'I', Fall Themes, Outer Space and THE BEST ADVICE FROM A K KID, EVER!

Another crazy week is under our belts!
(the BEST advice I've received from a k kid is at the end of this blog....keep reading!)
Here are a few books we read this week:

These are Monday's morning challenge:
Owl Numeric Order...

Owl one-to-one correspondence and tallies:

and beginning sound puzzles...

My boy, Leland, is the kitchen manager at Moose Jaw in Wisconsin Dells...he gave us these nifty MOOSE hats for the our letter Mm week!  They kids LOVED them!

We attempted to wrap up some fall themes this week.
Here we are making large scarecrows!
cutting and pasting...

The end result is ADORABLE!

One of my favorite group activities is working together to put together a life size x-ray!
Each kid is trying to figure out what piece they had...
in order to create this!

Tuesday's centers:
Monkey beginning sound...

spider sort bdgpq....

Squirrels LOVE acorns counting...

Colorful Squirrels COLOR words...
(we spend a lot of time on color words...practice when you can at home)

On Thursday we polished up our ABC books to share with you!
This is the very beginning of our THURSDAY READING homework that you will see now until the end of the year.
Each Thursday your child will bring home a reader which you will need to sign after your k kid reads to you.  Most weeks there is a skill to focus on.  The readers are generally quite short and predictable to help each child become successful readers!

We had fun with this graphing activity with M or m!

Thursday's centers:
Bella's mom was able to help out again...YAY!
Really, if you wish to help out we would LOVE to have you
(grandmas/grandpas are welcome, too!)
This was the star word scarecrow roll.
These are some of the words we will be seeing very soon.

Here is Scarecrow Beginning Sounds...

And Scarecrow counting and using a fives frame...

 Fabulous Fall Patterns...AB Pattern for this one.
A harder one is coming soon!

Finally, a class favorite...Read the Room!
This one was Colorful Crow Color Words.

Friday brought brand new morning challenges:
Rocket Ship ABC order...

Astronaut Number to Amount Match....

Rocket Ship AaBbCc Match...

Here are a few new stations for our Outer Space theme...

We've been working hard at organizing our ideas with these fun 
and K(know)W(what to know)L(what we learned) charts...

The BEST advice I has ever heard?
As I was handing out the moose hats 
a little guy says very earnestly to me
 "Be sure to tell Leland he should NEVER to go hunting with his moose hat on!"
Heehee!  I LOVE my job!

Week 11 November 11-13
Reading Letter Ss, star word 'see', beginning sounds, 
uppercase-lowercase match
Math: finish 0-5, begin 6-10
Theme: Outer Space, Stone Soup, Families
Science: Where Do Animals Find Food?
Social Studies: Seasons Bring Change
Conferences this Tuesday or Thursday.
Can't wait to visit with you about your k kid!

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