Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 11 Ss, /s/, 'see', Outer Space, and STONE SOUP!

Best day EVER!
We learned how to draw stars!

We also go to play with shaving cream to get our tables 
clean and shiny for conferences!
We practiced numbers and letters and shapes in the 
shaving cream before we washed it all away!

The turkey family projects are adorable!

We just LOVE book time!

We will now be having centers on Wednesdays!
Well, not the next two Wednesdays on account of
the dinosaur presentation this coming Wednesday
and our Kindergarten Pow Wow the next Wednesday...
but we really will have centers Wednesdays in December!
Triple FUN!

Tuesdays Centers:
Brain Break PlayDough
Outer space themed!

Rhyme Time 

Outer Space Graphing...

Astronaut Beginning Sounds...

Outer Space Pokey Pin....

New Morning Challenges:
Star Numeric Order...

At and An Family Astronauts...

Building Space Words...

We started our first letter sound sorting activity...

More turkey family projects...

Wednesday's Centers:
Concentric Circle Stars....

Moon and Star Which Has More?...

Outer Space Rhyming...

Sorting Out b's and d's....
 followed by Count and Dot...

Science Center: Land Forms...
 Meghan's Grandma helped us out!
Thanks, Grandma Pat!

Thursday's Centers:
Space Picture Frames...

Read the Room 10 Frames...

Brain Break Table...

Stamping Outer Space Words 

Ways to Make 5:

Here's what our lovely picture frames looked like!

We read 3 different versions of Stone Soup this week.
Then we MADE our own!
We acted out the story
(kindergarten version)
and learned that the moral of this folktale 
was to share and help each other!
Here is a peek at the "magic" stone!

We all cut and chopped veggies...

We also had two birthday celebrations on Friday!

 MMMMM....The soup is done!

And it sure was tasty!

Here are some of the books we read this week:

The week of November 18-22
Reading: Letter Rr, sound for /r/, beginning sounds,
 sentence structure
Math: Topic 5: Six to Ten
focusing on ways to make number sets
Theme: Family and Home
Science: What Lives In a Pond?
Social Studies: Community~Homes
Big News: Please mark your family's name in all winter wear,
Wednesday at 12:30 the Science Museum of Minnesota 
is presenting DINOSAURS for K-2nd!
What fun!

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