Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 12 Letter Rr, /r/, Star Words 'I' and 'see', Robots, and TURKEYS (sounds like a bad scifi show!)

What a wonderful, busy week!
Families, homes, the letter Rr, and turkeys were the focus...
Here are some books we read this week:

New Morning Challenges:
Large Rocket Ship ABC Order...

Rhyme Time (this was a HARD one!)

Astronaut Numeric Order...

Someone discovered the PIPES!
Now we have such great cooperative work
getting the structure to get higher and higher!

Here are a new more Family Projects...cute!

Tuesday's Centers:
Robot Tally and One-to-One Correspondence...

Robot Numeral Game...

Rhyming Rockets...

Countdown Rockets...(counting backwards from 10)
Add caption

Robot Reading...really!

We began our new snack schedule last week with the letter Ss.
Here is this week's letter Rr Wednesday snack...RAISINS!!!
Thank you!

Are you ready for this? The best day ever?
The Science Museum of Minnesota visited on Wednesday
with a presentation on DINOSAURS!!!!
And one of our K kids was chosen to go up front to demonstrate!
Look at the size of that dinosaur LEG BONE!!!!

We got to touch that leg bone on the way out the door!
How cool was that?

We had new morning challenges again on Thursday:
Family Numeric Order...

Turkey ABC Order....

And our new skill, SEQUENCING!

It was Ms. Hillary's last day with us.
Ms. Shelby will be with us one more day in December.
These girls have worked with individual kids on the project that the college requires of them. They also worked with small groups and read to the whole group as part of their literacy requirement!
It was nice to have an extra set of hands!
Thank you, ladies!

Thursday's Centers included:
Family Tallies...

Who Lives in Your House? Project...

The Little Red House Activity and Take-Home Book...

Counting on Kids Cooperative Group Game...

Beginning Sounds Brothers and Sisters...

Friday morning we finished this lovely
Colorful Corn project...BEAUTIFUL!

This BEAUTIFUL corn was what 
the class chose to make for winning the ABC Game!
Yep, they've won 3 times now!
Just a reminder, we review 25 of the 26 letters daily,
leaving 1 card out.  
They kids have to pay attention to which one it is.  
We race to a certain number..10 for the first time, then 15, now 20!
And they DID it!
The kids voted for a messy art project!
And this one was SUPER gluey!

 WOW!  I love love love these!

Here are our "Who Lives in Our Homes" Project...
 It is hard to read, but they kids had to color code the family data onto the house.  What  fun way to learn to represent data!

Upcoming Week of November 25-27
No school on THURSDAY or FRIDAY

Reading: letter Tt, sound for /t/, sequencing, beginning sounds
Math: Ways to make 10, writing 10
Theme: Thanksgiving, Turkeys, Family
Social Studies: Thanksgiving Traditions
Science: review


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