Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 7 Qq, Rr, and Ss including THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS!

First of all, I just have to share a few pics of my recent trip 
to Indianapolis to see my grandbabies, Wren and Calla, 
and my daughter, Shae, and husband, Chris....
 Oh what a cute family!

Here is Wren wearing my sunglasses....I JUST LOVE HER!
 and here is adorable Calla...I JUST LOVE HER, TOO!

We did all the typical Grandma stuff...
ate cupcakes...
 read books....
 even  found time to create some Fall projects with MY baby!
 We also made playdough...
 and one of the many highlights of the long weekend,
we took a moonlit and pumpkin lit walk in the forest at night for a lovely program about nocturnal animals...
So well done!
 Sorch and I also got to see Lee on the way DOWN to Indy...
 at Rocky Rococos in Wisconsin Dells

 and on the way HOME...Lee made us pizza at 
MOOSE JAW....he even bought it for us!!!!
(he is the kitchen manager!)
 so handsome in his kitchen whites!
 and we are so silly in our Moose Jaw hats!

Okay, thanks for humoring me!
I do have more Fall Family Fun Photos for the blog which I will post SOON, I promise!

so back to the job at hand....
Oh PINTEREST....I love you!
I just adore organizing my boards and adding all those 
great ideas that the creative minds of the world post.
It just seems I NEVER get to actually do any of the great things I imagine myself doing while I am pinning...anyone else?
Well, this year I made a deal with new pinning until
I actually tackle one of the projects every month!
So here is October's favorite pin...

cute and delicious!

I believe I forgot to post a pic our our owls from last week...

And here is Monday's QUIET CRITTERS for Qq day...

These super kiddos are CHOOSING to READ at choice time!
I am one lucky teacher!

During this short week we only had one day of centers.
Here are the stations from Tuesday...
Opposites Station

The create-a-pattern station....

The write-color-words-with-playdough station...

The paint-the-alphabet station...

and finally the more-owl-reviewing-greater-than station....

We had new morning challenges on Wednesday.
I know it doesn't LOOK new, but it is the other half of the alphabet for matching uppercase to lowercase with fire engines...

Here the kiddos are spelling the Autumn words with foam letters..

oops...we were missing a few letters here...
it's funny how they turn up later though!

and this challenge was placing numerals, tallies, and the right number of pumpkins together!

We did create some pretty adorable squirrels on Wednesday and also made a new lucky duck book about colorful squirrels but 
SOMEONE forgot to take pics!
Here are some of our books from this week...

And finally....
October 21-25 Week 8 Happenings:
Reading Letters Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww plus
rhyming, opposites, and beginning sounds
Math: Wrap up patterns, begin "Zero-Five"
Theme: Fall themes and Pumpkins
Science: "How are plants the same and different?"
Social Studies: Begin "Our Big Wide World"

Thanks to all who donated pumpkins and gourds and other interesting items for our science table.  We can use any Autumn type natural items through November...thanks!

As the cooler weather lingers, please continue to add your family's name or your child's name to any and all items she/he might take off during the day.  You'd be surprised WHERE kids take off their layers and leave them.  If your name is in it, you will stand a greater chance of having it returned to you! 

Last week's blog was somehow reverted back to a draft so I lost all the narrative....geez!  I did manage to salvage the pics from our week including the fire station pics, however the wording will just have to stay gone, sorry!

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