Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 17 Letter Hh, Star Word 'a', Mittens, and COLD DAYS!!!

Welcome 2014!
What a bitter cold beginning...I sure missed the K Kids come Monday and Tuesday when we couldn't go to school!
Here are the books we began our 1st week in 2014 with...
Be sure to grab these new favorites and old classics next time you and your k kiddo are in the library.

We began our week with a little extra choice time!
The k kids sure missed each other, too!

Math has us looking at interesting 2d shapes:
Trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon are three new shapes for us.

On Wednesday afternoon we were treated to a presentation by
She taught us about healthy eating, including dairy products.
She also read us a great book about the life of a calf.
Then we created our own cow puppet while snacking on cheese sticks.
Well done!

Here are some kiddos showing their adorable snow jewelry they created!

Centers on Thursday included:
Snowman Reading...yep really reading!
Overheard: "Mrs. O', not only am I a reader, but I am a writer, too!"


Beginning Sound Mittens...

Snow is to one correspondence to 20
with the snowflakes that you can see hanging from the ceiling!
It was just like walking in a blizzard...expect warmer!

Smartie Snowflake Letter Sort...
still reviewing bdpqg

And finally a Pair of Friends...
reading and writing names!

More Blizzard Pics....LOVE LOVE LOVE!

New Morning Challenges include:
Ice ABC Order....

Snowman Hat Number/Object Matching...

Happy New Year Word Building...

Another Birthday!

We read 2 different versions of The Mitten Folktale 
then compared and contrasted the characters with a 

The next pics are for a counting by 2's mitten book we will be creating...
2 mittens!

4 get it!

This pic is so cool!
But seriously, does anyone know HOW this is happening?
I am not doing anything different here than on the other pics...
what a lovely mystery!

Now for the upcoming week of January 13-17
Reading: Letter Vv, star word 'to', short a
Math: 3D shapes (cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, rectangular prism)
Science: Earth's Water
Social Studies: Family History
Book Orders are due on Friday, Jan. 17

Your kiddo might have told you but now it is official,
BEACH DAY is Thursday, January 23...look for more info later!

Thursday, January 30 we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year
with a switch-a-roo day and a Dragon Parade
(help your kiddo choose red or green shirts that day)

Also School Wide PAJAMA DAY on 
Friday, January 31

FINALLY on Thursday, February 13 all three K classes
are hosting our 100 Day Workshop from 1-3.
We will be looking for volunteers...more to come later!

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