Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 19, Letter Cc, star words 'a' and 'to', and THE BEACH week 2!

Update:  Please come if you can and support our classmate, Tre!

Here are a few great reads from this week:
Look for them in your local library!
We began our week with a birthday!

We started our week with a break from beach themes to talk about Dr.Martin Luther King's dream for our world!
You will notice on the book list that we read a book
called The Land Of Many Colors.
Here we are painting the setting for this beautiful story!

The moral of the story was that no matter what color we are we are really all the same:
we love our kids, our pets, our food and homes!

Earlier in the day we voted for which bag we should open.
Just one. And we'd share the treat on the inside.
I had two wrapped in lovely, shiny paper
the other in a plain old lunch bag.
Well, as you might have guessed...the shiny bag won!
We opened it to reveal....
Too bad for us, because the plain bag had tasty M&M's!
After much discussion and a chance to earn the candy,
we learned that it doesn't matter what's on the outside,
what matters is the inside...what matters is what's in our HEARTS!

We've been practicing how many sounds we hear in words
 (not how many letters...just the sounds)

Centers on Tuesday had us painting and playing with 

Star word sorting...

Fish measuring...

Fish Teens work...

Shark Addition...

More bubble fun...

ALL the family projects are in!

We also painted a clam with a beautiful pearl inside!

On Wedneday we created these awesome sharks!

and played a whale of a game!

We never did get a gold fish this year!
Walmart was not selling any due to Ick...

Here are a few pics of independent academic choice activities...
ABC order

Geometric Solid City!

Centers on Wednesday included:
Beach word stamping...

Wow...These kids are really making super progress in 
sounding out words and penmanship!

Shark Tooth Addition...

Star Word CD Spinning...

Combing the "Beach" for Color Words...

This was our SINK or FLOAT station.
We took turns and marked down our data 
just like scientists do!

Thursday's bitter cold found us at our

We had umbrella straws for our milk and juice boxes!


 What a fun snack time!
Thanks for all the fresh fruit!

Oh, yes, in the middle of all the excitement,
this k kiddo lost a tooth while eating snack!
Whew...we found it!

While the kids went to Mrs. Pilger and Mrs. Kalmes's room to make jelly fish and rainbow fish respectively,
I stayed in our room to create those same adorable sharks with the other k kids!
Wow! What a fun week!

Next week's highlights:
Reading: Letter Gg, star word 'go',  blending sounds into words
Math: Fractions (equal halves) and Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
Theme: Finish the beach with some "crabby" activities and lots of journaling and begin 
(year of the horse)
Social Studies: Communication
Science: Describing Weather

We already have a Chinese New Year Celebration planned for later in the week!  Gung Hay Fat Choy

The PLAY group meeting is Monday, January 27, at 6:30 in the elementary library....child care and snacks are provided.
Please a little or help a lot...we love new faces!
Plus we are planning the winter carnival and would love to hear your ideas!

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