Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 21 Letter Ff, star word 'and', Chinese New Year continued, Ground Hogs' Day!

What a great week!
Here are some of the books we enjoyed:

We began our week with these adorable little ground hog snacks!

Take a look...we can even make the little ground hog pop out!

We then made our own puppets~

We love our morning gets our brains thinking right from the beginning of the day!

We finished our groundhog day with these cutie pies!
We learned so much about these little mammals:
They are also called whistle pigs,
they can swim,
they are super smart burrow builders!

We also continued with the Chinese New Year.
The discovery table is filled with "noodles" and chopsticks!
We couldn't study the Chinese culture without tasting fortune cookies!  Fun and delicious discovering!

The dramatic play area is set up for tea for 4...

We began the guessing jar awhile ago.
Here is what it looks like while in use.
This is one of our favorite daily activities!

Here is some patterning at its finest!

Centers on Tuesday included:
Groundhog beginning th or sh?

Weather graphing...

Groundhog ending sounds...

Read the room GroundHog's Teen Numbers....

Shadow matching with Gina...

We created several lucky dragons....
We also played and decorated in the new Valentines discovery table!

Wednesday's centers included: 
Blizzard of Numeral Matching Review...

Ordinal Number (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) Hearts

Short a Word Work...

Team Work on Spin-A-Sight Word....

and another lucky dragon!

New Morning Challenges were all the same puzzle set but with a different vowel....

Yep, we are really reading now!

In Math we are measuring with cubes!

Thursday's centers include:
Mini Star Word Puzzles...from popsicle sticks!

Snowman Ending Sounds...

Gina helped with sentence building...looks like it was a hit!

Dice Roll Snowman Greater Than Fun...

Snowman Number Building...

One of my favorite parts of kindergarten 
(and one we do not get to do enough)
is just letting kids create!
We had a table full of hearts, stickers, lacy doilies 
and 30 minutes to just make a valentine collage!

Just plain old fashioned using our creative energy!

Another way of creating...blocks!

Here are some of the family projects for February!

Nice photo bomb!

And one of our kiddos ended her week with a limo ride!
She earned it through our fundraiser...looks like fancy fun!

Now for the week of February 10-14
BIG NEWS: 100th day WORKSHOP is set for Thursday 
from 1:00-3:00
Thanks to all who can help!
Our VALENTINES party is Friday afternoon.
Treats are welcome but not mandatory.
Kids can bring in their cards beginning Monday.
Reading: Letter Pp, star words 'and' & "go", short i, and blending
Math: Measurement
Science: Spring Weather
Social Studies: Our country's symbols~bald eagle and flag

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