Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 22 Letter Pp, star words 'and' & 'go', 100 Day, and Valentines!

Just a few pics of last weekend's fun:
Ready Set School Chili Cook Off was delicious!
Our custodian, Rod, entered his chili...tasty!
(I go for the SPICY stuff!)
My hubby and I had our first get-a-way weekend withOUT kids!
We went Prairie du too far south, obviously!
Baby Steps, People, baby steps....
I just LOVE when my camera adds this snow!
I am not sure how to control it though...if you know, please let me know!

Now on to our SUPER BUSY WEEK!
Here are a few books we read:

Not only is it our 100th day and Valentines day this week, 
it is also a FULL MOON!
However, no worries, the kids were super!
We have added some fun 100 math activities to our 
academic choice time:

This is 100 marbles!  What fun!

This activity is from our study on shadows..not sure if I ever posted a pic of the kids experimenting!

On Tuesday we created 100 DOT PICTURES!

Morning Challenges for this week:
Valentine ABC Order...

Numeric Order Hearts beginning with 10...

Heart Sorting word families...

This is some amazing team work! Future engineers!

Word building buddies ....

Tuesday's Centers included:
Missing Number...

Brain Break Play do station...
okay, maybe a little letter and shape review...shhh...don't tell them, they didn't catch on that they were practicing!

Ending Sounds Hearts...

How many sounds?

Tally Comparison...which is more?

We found this great youtube video on jumped for 100 seconds!

It is harder than it sounds!

Wednesday Centers:
Valentines Graphing...

LOVELY addition...

Measuring Hearts....

Brain Break Play Dough again...

New Morning Challenges:
Number Sorting...

Sentence building....

Numeric Order from 71!

Finally our 100th day Workshop Day arrived!
Look at the delicious 'cake'!

Yep, we are hams!

Finally, the kids got to play!

We began by singing 
"Happy 100 day to You!"

Thank you to all our parent volunteers!
This day does not happen without YOU!

Here are some of the stations:
100 dots on a dalmation and 100 gumballs...

100 Dollars wish and Dice Roll to 100...

Give me 5! and 100 Stamps...

100 Exercises!

100 Themed Questions...
100 Zeros to make a GOOGAL    100 Tally Marks...
And of course, SNACK!

Action Shots....

Meanwhile back at our room....

This is my daughter, Sorcha's, 100 day collection from when she was a first grader 8 years ago!  Still a classroom favorite!

All ready for tomorrow....

Our time was up all too soon...this is what was left of the 100 day cake....MMMMMM!
What a great day!

Here's how I woke up on the actual 100th day....
 cute but annoying at 5 am!

On our actual 100th day on Friday,
we read the book The Wolf's Chicken Stew.
Great read about expectations...
and how to react if things do not turn out how we plan!
These are the little chicks that LOVED Uncle Wolf and  his great cooking....

 We had to find ALL 100 and put them back into the 100's chart!

 Peyton found the last one!

 And here are my k kiddos...100 days smarter!!!!!

Thank you for all the lovely valentines!
I am blessed!
Here are the kids opening theirs.....

Now for the week of February 17-20:
BIG NEWS: Conferences are Tuesdays and Thursday~
I am looking forward to talking with you about your k kid!
Reading: Letter Ll, sound for /l/, short i, quotation marks
Math: Measuring
Theme: wrapping up 100's day and Valentines and 
beginning America The Beautiful!
Science: Describing Summer Weather
Social Studies: Other Symbols for our Country

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