Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 23, Letter Ll, star word 'is', SNOW DAYS!!!!!!

I am going to look back on these pics
 on a hot, humid day this summer and smile!
I really do LOVE Winter!
BUT I am so hoping for a FULL week of school!

Pippin really LOVES the snow!

During the short week we did have lots of fun and learning!
Centers on Tuesday include:
Real/Silly Words Teamwork...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! The kids take turns tossing 3 hearts into a recycled candy box divided into 3 parts: Consonant Vowel Consonant Then the kids decide if it is a real or silly words and record it.

This is our Brain Break:  Writing about movies we have seen or would like to see!

This station is Counting by 5's with a Valentine theme
(Seriously, I feel as if I will NEVER be caught up!!)

These hams are also using teamwork to solve greater than with another recycled candy box.  They take turns tossing 2 hearts into the tray, recording the numerals, and deciding which is greater.

Morning Challenges included:
More heart sentences....

Pogs counting by 10's 
(remember those little colorful circles?)

These are the backs, though...
Counting by 5's and solving a 100 day sentence...

Here are few activities the children chose to tackle during choice this week:
Sorting 3D shapes

Counting out 100 marbles...

Solving 10 frames heart puzzle

Building with Wedgits

Using the pan balances

Wednesday centers included:
100 dots on the 100
(told you we are playing catch up!)

Counting by 5's

Word words list 1

Comparing Weights...

And Read the Room : Lady Liberty Color Words!

Upcoming for the week of February 24-28
PLAY Meeting Monday, Feb. 24 in the Elem library at 6:30
Snacks and child care provided...Please come!

READING NIGHT Tuesday, Feb 25 5-6:30
Reading Activities and Supper for FREE!
Please bring your family!

Friday School wide stuffed animal day
after some major CATCH UP....
Reading: letter Kk, star word 'here', short i words, quotation marks
Math: Addition
Science: Describing Weather (Autumn)
Social Studies: Our Country's People
Theme: America the Beautiful and Dental Health

One last wintery pic: 

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