Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 17 Holiday Happenings and POLAR EXPRESS Party!

Happy 2015!
I cannot believe how quickly our Winter break went!
Here's a few of our highlights:

Here is a quick (although picture heavy) look back at our last few days before vacation:

Here's a few of the fun reads we had before Christmas!
We created these delicous trains on Monday!

We journaled about our favorite way to drink hot cocoa!

Monday afternoon we learned about reindeer...

Tuesday morning we played some dice games...
and then we hosted a play date with Mrs. Pilger's kids!
And we were in our PAJAMAS!

What fun choices we had!

I just couldn't resist getting a pic of the k kids in their cute pajamas!

After Phy.Ed and Music the moment we waited for was here...
The Polar Express Hot Chocolate bar!

Oh YES!!!!
And now for the week of January 5-9
Reading: Letter Hh, Sound for /h/, short a word families, star word 'a'
Math: 2 Dimensional shapes
Theme: Winter and Mittens
Social Studies: People at Work
Science: Earth's Materials

Big News:
No School for kids on Monday, January 19
Teachers' Workshop

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