Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 20 Letter Cc, star words 'to' and 'a', ordinal numbers and fractions, and THE BEACH!

What a great week in Kindergarten!
Here is a sneak peak at our beach party day...
more to come farther down on the blog!

Monday's new morning challenges:
Fish ABC Order...

 Counting by 2s beach scene...

Beach Words...

A few more family projects...

We learned about liquids this week!

Here is our liquid watercolors sea life painting!

Tuesday's centers were:
Beach Rhymes...

Beach words... 

Beach Stamps...

Read the Room...Missing Numeral

 Our Wednesday Cc treat...CRUNCH!!!

Here is our fruit kabob bar!!! 

 These are our jellyfish that we created with Mrs. Pilger!

My Little HULA DANCERS!!!!

 We are getting ready for our 2nd switch-a-roo...

 Mrs. Pilger's kids are making their clams with me!

This is what we made with Mrs. Kalmes: Rainbow Fish!!!

Here is our SHARK SNACK for Thursday...

We read about a hermit crab who decorated his plain shell with sea we painted our own with a crayon resist technique. Be looking for it in a lucky duck book coming home soon!

It is finally snack time and we can eat those jello cups!

Choice time writing project:

Thursday's centers included:
Seashell greater than...

Treasure Chest of ending sounds...

Parrot words...

and our turn to paint those cute clams!

We finished up the last of our sunshine magnets with Mrs. Sauers!

On Friday we had new morning challenges again:
Fish Sentences... 

Aquarium number words...

Fish Numeric Order..

 Our Morning Message was a pretty one with lovely printing by the K kids!

One more painting project:

Our good reads....

And now for the week of January 26-30
Reading: letter Gg, star word 'go', short i words
Math: ordinal numbers (1st,2nd,3rd..)
Theme: Finish beach and begin Chinese New Year
Social Studies: The Flag and the Bald Eagle
Science: Weather...Winter
Big News: Report cards were send home Friday!
If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.
Conferences are coming soon, be looking for a sign up sheet in February.

If you'd like to help with our 100 day workshop, please send in the sign up sheet sent home last week. Thanks!

The valentines list was sent home but is also posted here on a tab above.  If your child brings for one child, they must bring for ALL children (the left side of the list)
You may send to whomever you wish on the right side.

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