Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 18 Letter Hh, star word 'a', winter themes!

Welcome 2015!
What a crazy week for weather...
I do LOVE Minnesota!

We began our new year with new morning challenges:
Snowman Counting Backwards...

Icy ABC order... 

Happy New Year!

Our first leader of 2015 with the Morning Message...

Fun with 3d shapes...

Monday afternoon's art project was creating this sparkly 2015!  Unfortunately the sparkles didn't stay on very well!
But trust me, they were beautiful!

Tuesday's centers included:
Snowflake painting...

Snowman Card Reading...

Snowflake more and less...

Our very first 'read the room' at centers:
finding and recording the snowflakes...

 What was like walking through a snowstorm!

Our new morning challenges included:
Sentence building Mittens...

Counting Backwards Mittens...

Our third morning challenge was mitten abc order, 
someone (me) forgot to snap a quick pic!

We did manage to have Hh Honey Nut Cheerios for snack by Friday....what a crazy week!

We practiced star words and 2 digit numbers with this 
The kids uncrumpled a 'snowball',
read the word or number,
and then tossed it at the other team!
They did not even realize they were practicing words and numbers as we were having so much fun!

We played 'Frosty the Snowman' nose...
What fun!

We love to play the "read and toss" snowball game that many kids chose it at choice time!

Here are some of the books we read this week...

And now for the week of January 12-16
Reading: letter Vv, sound /v/, word families, star word 'to'
Math: Geometric Shapes, symmetry 
Theme: wrap up WInter, begin the BEACH!
Science: How can we care for the Earth?
Social Studies: Communication

Big News:
No School on Monday, January 19 
Teachers' Workshop

Kindergarten BEACH PARTY: Wednesday, January 21

100 Day Celebration-Feb 6 
1-2:45pm-VOLUNTEERS needed!
(look for notes coming home soon)

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