Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 22 Letter Ff, star word 'and', Ground Hogs and 100th day activities!

If you've a chance, the Ice Castle in Eden Prairie is fantastic winter family fun!  It is there until March!

What a blast we had on Monday with our Ground Hog unit!
My family and I created these adorable little ground hog snacks for the k kids!
 Cute and yummy!
 The cookie that the "dirt" sat on had a hole in it so we could get our fingers into it and make him pop up to see if he could see his shadow!

Monday also was new morning challenges:
spell the word...

Short i puzzles...

 and number word to 20 puzzles...

Our measurement unit is off to a great start!

Monday afternoon we created these adorable ground hogs!

This is the shadow center complete with an old fashioned projector to cast shadows on the wall!

Tuesday's centers included:
Will the Ground Hog See His Shadow probability dice roll...

Ground Hog Ending Sounds... 

Matching Shadows to Objects...

Read the Room Ground Hog counting...

 Our first 2 Family Projects....

The hundreds station is up and running.
Here is a balls!

 On Wednesday we had a tasty treat...Fruit Rollups!

We also opened the Geoboard station with 100 geobands (rubber bands)

We created our 100 dot picture on Wednesday afternoon.
Such great imaginations the kids have!

Thursday brought new morning challenges again!
"Happy 100 Day!"

Counting by 5's...

100 Day Sentences...

We created hats by ordering numbers to 100 by 10s.

Math is such great hands on measurement!

Here are 2 choice time activities that the kids love!
 Geoboards and Puzzles!

This is a tiny little 100 square project!

We practiced the star word 'and' with the Lucky Duck page just titled AND.  We focused on things that go together like...
peanut butter and jelly
socks and shoes
bread and butter
cats and dogs.
This is a nice one...Mom and Dad!

Thursday's centers included:
100 stamps!


Movies we like (practicing the star word GO)


100 Day +1 with rollover numbers 
(10, 20, 30...etc)

100 Dots in a 100!

 Here are the latest family projects!

Here we are decorating our 100 day banner!

Waiting for the celebration in Mrs. Kalmes' room...

And we are off!

We began by singing "Happy 100 Day to Us"

Then the k kids went to work learning about 100 at the 100 day centers!
This one is writing a googal...100 zeros!

100 dots on the dalmation...

100 fingers on Gimme 5...

100 exercises...

100 tallies...

100 links...

100 day questions...

100 gumballs...

100 steps...

Here we are!

 Mmmm...snack table!
 Thank you, Moms and Dads!
This day does not happen without you!

Great Reads:
(I will post our 100 Day Books next week)

And now for the week of February 9-13
Reading: Letter Pp, star words 'and' & 'go', short i words
Math: Measurement
Science: Weather...summer
Social Studies: Our Country's People
Theme: Wrap up 100, begin Valentines
BIG NEWS: Valentines may be brought in anytime this week.
If you wish your child may bring snacks as well, 
but it is not required.
Conference times will be assigned soon.

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