Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 23, Letter Pp, star words 'and' & 'go', Valentines!

We began our week with CUPCAKES!
Just a little birthday treat for my sweeties for my birthday!

Monday was our actual 100th day!
Check out that chart!

We finally finished our 100 piece puzzle!

We also read the Wolf's Chicken Stew where he got 100 hugs and kisses from 100 chicks!
We had to find all 100 chicks and place them in the 100s chart....hmmm, number 5 chick never showed up!

This is number 100! 
 We also mixed together and ate our 100 day gorp!

Tuesday's new morning challenges included:
Valentine sentences...

Valentine numeral order counting on from 10-30

 and sorting words into word families:
in and it family were highlighted

 We got a few more family projects!

Here is another 100 day activity...placing 100 marbles on the mat! Wow, that's a lot of fine motor!

These workers chose to put all 26 abc puzzles together!

Tuesday's centers included:
Heart Ending Sounds...

Heart More or Less....

Valentines Numeral Search

Here is our 101st day of school morning message!

On Wednesday we made our Valentine Pockets!


Our letter of the week treat...Pretzels!

The pan balances are a hit!

Thursday's centers included:
Heart Measuring...

"I Love you to Pieces" valentine for YOU!

Cooperative more or less with hearts... 

Cooperative Group Word Building...

Friday brought new morning challenges again!
abc order (and the song, too)

 Valentine Numeric Order from 71-100

More Valentine Sentences...

And now for the week of February 16-19:
Reading: Letter Ll, short i, blending words
Math: Wrap up measurement, begin addition
Theme: America The Beautiful
Science: Weather...Fall
Social Studies: American Heroes
Conferences are Tuesday or Thursday, 
I am looking forward to talking with you about your child!

Fitness Fever for the week of
Feb. 16-19 
Please help your child dress in the  color of the
fruit/veggie of the day:

MON: Green

TUES: Yellow and /or Orange

WED: Blue and/or Purple


 K Team

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