Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 24 Letter Ll, star word 'is', America The Beautiful!

Our theme this week is
On Monday we painted patriotic hearts...

 and made George Washington tricorn hats!

We decorated the room with the 
red, white, and blue hearts!

Tuesday's centers included:
Measuring Abe Lincoln's hat with pennies...

Are the numbers in order? Eagles...

Looking at heavier and lighter...

and American Symbols number work..

Wednesday's morning challenges were:
Patriotic counting by 2's...

Patriotic Counting by 5s...

And spelling American Symbols...

Wednesday was also BALD EAGLE day!

We learned many interesting facts
 about our National Symbol!

Little to Large is an interesting activity increasing the size of a small star...very very good fine motor practice!

More bald eagle projects...a favorite!

On Thursday we learned about Lady Liberty!

We painted our own version of her!

Oh My Goodness!
They turned out so 

Here is our USA table.
We learned about our 1st and our 16th President this week!

We also wrote USA a lot.  I mean A LOT!!!

For February Fitness Fever, we were lucky enough to hear  a motivational speaker who is also a 5 time jump rope champion of the world!  
She was awesome at reminding us to set our own pace, to not give up when we make mistakes, and to give our best effort at everything we do!

Now for the week of February 23-27...
Reading: Letter Kk, star word 'here', short i
Math: Addition
Theme: Dental Health
Science: What can we see in the sky?
Social Studies: Our Leaders
Mrs. Stokke's Fitness Fever packets are due on WEDNESDAY. Yes, this is a part of your child's PE grade.
Thanks for helping!

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