Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 30 Letter Xx, star word 'said', WEATHER!

Wow! What a colorful week!
We wrapped up some rainbow work before heading straight into the weather unit.

Here are some good reads about 

Isn't this fun? 
One of the kiddos asked how we could take a picture of what they see through our rainbow makers. So we held it up to the lens of my camera! Cool!

 We gathered data for our graph...

We also reviewed the seasons...

Here's a few more family projects!

 Love love love!

Here is Mrs. Sauers sorting seasonal objects with us...

Mrs. Benke was helping us to journal about  our favorite season, look for the Lucky Duck book soon!

 On Tuesday we learned about the WIND!
We had to take turns huffing and puffing objects to see how many breaths it took to move them to the end.

 We also generated ideas about the wind...
Good or Bad or BOTH?
 Tuesday's Centers included:
Rainbow addition to 10...

 Searching for color words...

  Painting a watercolor rainbow...

Rainbow beginning and ending sounds...

We also played with this cool tool to create rainbows on the walls and ceiling and our papers!

Wednesday's new morning challenges included:
Rainy tens frames...

Greater than, Less than, Equal to...

 Rainbow Odd and Even Sorting...

We made WIRLIGIGS to play with the wind!

Our snack bringer nailed letter Xx with 
TWIX!!!!  Well done!

We made clouds and watched the precipitation as it accumulated and finally fell!

We learned about the WATER CYCLE:

Here's a few more family projects...adorable!

Here's another great Lucky Duck book...Windblown!

 Here are two great sets of good reads this week...
 And yes, we did! 
We FINISHED Captain Underpants!

Team work at it best!

Thursday's Centers included:
Yes, we actually made mini cakes in the microwave and added all the fixings!


 And here's the recipe!
Ms. Amy practiced counting by 2s...

 Mrs. Sauers helped with ODD or EVEN numbers...

And Ms.S oversaw 
raindrop addition!
The high school students put on part of their Spring play for us!
It was a melodrama so audience participation was appreciated!  Yay!
It will be playing Saturday at 7 
and Sunday at 2.
Hope you can go!

Two more beautiful family projects!

And now for the week of April 11-15...
Reading: Letter Oo, star word 'what', drawing conclusions
Math: Intro to Money
Theme: Clouds, Mud, and begin FARM!
Science: Solids, Liquids, Gases
Evie is our Star Student!
No school for k kids on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Roundup.
(1st-12th still in session)

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