Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 32 Letter Ww, star word 'play', COWS and the Farm, plus EARTH DAY!

What a fast week!
Our blog is a day early on account of the kindergarten teachers heading down to Winona on Friday and Saturday to help with the statewide
Yay!  We always go to these, now we get to help!  
And here we are posing with the legendary Dr. Jean of Early Childhood Education fame!
You might know her from the Tooty Ta!

On Monday we made purple cows to eat after learning a silly poem and drawing PURPLE cows!

Life is good!

Tuesday's new morning challenges included:
Farm Match...offspring/adult puzzles

Corn Digging and Spelling!

Animal Graphing...

Tuesday's Centers included:
Adding on from 10 addition...

Barn Spelling...

Counting Cows Tallies...

Coin Toss...

We created these beauts on Monday!

Wednesday was planting day!
We planted beans and peas to add to our classroom garden...


We also created these lovely farm mobiles to decorate our room...

We have been working on magic (silent) e!
This changes EVERYTHING!  Well at least kit to kite!

Good Reads for the farm and money...

Our Wednesday snack bringer brought WAFER COOKIES for Ww week!  Thank you!

We have such good sentence builders...
AND sentence writers!

Since this is Ww week, the kids all received a "word finder"...

We began our Earth Day projects on Wednesday!

 Thursday's centers included:
Taking Care of Our Earth...

Earth Tens Frames (place value)

Reading and Writing Words with Recycling...

Trash or Treasure...silly/real words!

And now for the week of April 25-29...
Reading: Letter Yy, star words 'he' and 'she'
Math: Time and Clocks
Theme: Finish Farm, begin Pets
Science: What Makes Heat?
NO SCHOOL for K Kids on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Round Up for next year's kids.
1st through 12th still in session

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