Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 33 Letter Yy, Star words 'he' and 'she', PETS!

What a fun week!
We began with new morning challenges:
Earth Missing #...

 Earth Number Name in Print...

Farm Animal Spelling...

Good Reads for Earth Day...
(a little late due to me being gone on Friday!)

Oh My Goodness!
Aren't these adorable?
We made little chickens for our 
Little Red Hen series of folktales!

 We've had quite the builders lately!
Notice the pics of the Eiffel Tower in the background, the kids wanted to build it with blocks!
 And the pyramids, too!

We made a transition from the farm unit to the pet unit with the fun song BINGO!

Centers on Tuesday included:
Money Exchange!
 Where is the /c/ sound?

Doggie Wants a Bone Subtraction!

Kitty Addition...

Our newest Morning Challenges included:
Doggie Reverse ABC Ordering...

 Pet Puzzles...

 Telling Time Puzzles...
(to the hour...using the word o'clock)

This kiddo brought us some YUMMY Cookies for 
Yy week!

We have been learning about telling time and clocks!
Look at the large clock we built together!
Please continue to review time to the hour and half hour.

 Good Reads!

We have been learning about Magic E!
Magic E (silent e) changes the short vowel sound to the loooooong sound! 

Here is some of the hens we made earlier this week...cuties!

Thursday's Centers included:
Number Word Hamsters...

Hamster Spelling...

Dog Gone Rhymes... 

and Clock Work for the Dogs...

Remember, NO SCHOOL for K Kids
Friday, April 29 due to 
Kindergarten Roundup!
1st-12th in session.

And now for the week of May 2-6:
Reading: Letter Ee, star word 'we', drawing conclusions
Math: Clocks/Time and Calendar
Theme: Flowers and Gardens
Science: How do Things Move?
Farm Field Trip May 6
Late Start 10:00 May 11
Oxbow Zoo Fri. May 27
Family Picnic Thurs. June 2
More info on all of  these coming soon!

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