Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 35 FIELD TRIP PICTURES!!!!! and Letter Jj, star word 'me', BIRDS and BUGS!

Oh, WOW!  Another fast and fun week is in the books!
Here are some good reads from last week's crazy reading time:

And here are the field trip pictures from last Friday!  We had two fantastic experiences!
The buffalo farm was amazing!
The Winona Daily News reported on our trip!
Here is the link:
We rode the wagon right into the field of buffalo after a brief but educational presentation!

 Snack time was awesome as we ate real bison jerky!  I hope you enjoyed the jerky your child brought home for you to try! 
The school sells this 4 pack for $5 if you need more!

 We also got a buffalo nickel!

 Thank you!

In the afternoon we went to Speltz' goat farm!
What fun! 

On Monday we had new morning challenges:
M&M addition... 

Flower Pot numeric order...

Life Cycles Science Puzzles...

Oh, I had such good news on Monday after school!  My 3 year cancer check up for acinic cell carcenoma on my neck was clear!!!!
Yay!  Now I only go back yearly!
Whew...had to celebrate with ice cream!

On Tuesday we created these lively lovely little birds!

Tuesday's centers included:
Roll-a-Row AIMSWEB practice...

 Bluebird Counting  by 2s...

Feeding the Snails sets of 10...

Bug Graphing...

Our bird sighting table is open!
Look at all the ornithologists!


Also the flower shop is still a hit!

Wednesday's morning challenges inluded:
Bird Addition...

 Bird Numeric Order...

Bird Sentence Building...

 This lovely lady brought us Jj Jello for our J treat!  Thank You!

Thursday we began our part of preparing for the Hoe Down on Friday by baking bread!
 We learned about a recipe and ingredients and team work!  
Plus it smelled sooooo good in here!

During Library Ms. Kay helped the k kids put on a mini play called Caps For Sale!
They were awesome!

This guy saved the day by bringing a missing Ee treat from last week even though it wasn't his turn!  

Just you wait until you get to see these beauties in person !
Your child made a lovely little bird house for you!


Thursday's centers included: 
Building 3 letter words...

Writing 3 Letter Words...

Reading (interpreting!) a Graph...

and searching for words ending in long eeeeee...

 Here is a sneak peak at some of the kiddos ready for our hoe down!
I will post the rest on next week's exciting blog!

Thanks for your patience!

Good Reads:

And now for the week of May 16-20:
Reading: Letter Uu, star word 'are', syllables
Math: finish calendar begin graphing
Theme: Pond
Science: Pushes and Pulls and Magnets!
Spring Concert  Mon. May 23  7:00

PLEASE COME to Free Breakfast for Parents
Tues. May 24

Oxbow Zoo Fri. May 27
Family Picnic Thurs. June 2

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