Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 36 HOE DOWN Pics!!! Letter Uu, star word 'are', and THE POND!

First, a public service announcement:
The Aroma Pie Shoppe in Whalan has reopened!
Yay!  Eat More Pie!

Maeve's college roommate's family have taken on this worthy and delicious enterprise!   
Good luck, Hudoba family!  
It'll be an adventure! 

Here are the Hoe Down pictures from last Friday!  Yee Haw!

 Good Reads from last week, too!

 We made the most delicious, aromatic bread!

 So we met in the cafeteria to eat that bread, along with the butter we made with Mrs. Pilger, and the ice cream we made with Mrs. Kalmes!

Monday brought new morning challenges:
Ducky Missing Numeral...

Life Cycles...

 Counting by 5's to 100 pond lillies...

We painted and constructed pond lillies for Monday art...


The lilies are particularly beautiful on the lights!

So the pond area has opened!
We've had tons of frog races lately!
 We have been scientists and discovered about the animals that call the pond their home.

Also the magnet table has opened!  WOW!  We love this area! 

 These kids love to construct!

Tuesday was turtle day!  What a hit!

This guy is making the frog 'croak!' 

Tuesday's centers included:
Froggy words...

Science: Biomes
Pond or Meadow?

measuring the pond animals...

and discovering a magnets "magical" properties!
We were not surprised that only metal things were attracted to a magnet.
But, man, oh, man, you should have seen their little faces when we discovered that not ALL metals will work!  

Wednesday was raccoon day at the pond.

 (raccoon selfie with the teacher! they asked!)

 We learned how to paint with tops, too, just for fun!

Thursday's new morning challenges included:
ABC-abc review with froggies

Ducky sentences...

Froggy counting by 5's to 100!

 More Good Reads for the POND!

Thursday's centers were so much fun!
All it takes is lime sherbet, 7 up, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and red licorice!
Yummy and funny!

Happy Frog Subtraction...

Frog Prince Addition (sorry, no pic of the work?)

Magic Magnets...feeling the push and pull of the magnetic field as we problem solved how to make our tower look like the card.

Fun and science-y!

Here is the first of our Spring and Summer birthday celebrations! 
 Hang on to your hats, there are 7 more to go!
(better buy some new candles!)

On Friday we created these super cute frogs!
We loved the POND UNIT!

And now for the week of May 23-27:
Reading: Review All Star Words, sounds, letters. Silent e
Math: Graphing
Theme: Zoo Animals
Big News: 
Spring Concert  Mon. May 23  7:00

PLEASE COME to Free Breakfast for Parents
Tues. May 24

Oxbow Zoo Fri. May 27

Family Picnic Thurs. June 2
Last Student Day Friday June 3

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