Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 37 Review, CONCERT!!!, Animals, Oregon Trail, and ZOLLMAN ZOO!

A little family fun first again...
 Whalan has the nation's only 
"Stand Still Parade"
which is pretty cool itself but they also sold fresh LEFSE!

It was also wood fired pizza weekend for us apparently!
First we went to a vineyard in Trempeleau to a portable pizza wagon called the Community Crust for a fund raiser...
Then my sister and niece and I went to the Stone Barn in Nelson!  I would recommend these family friendly experiences!

Meanwhile back at school...
We have birthday celebrations almost daily now until the end of the year!

 We opened one last dramatic play area...
The Pizza Place!
(of course!)

On Monday we handed out Lucky Duck books for your child to keep forever!

 We are still learning things!
This activity reviewed our science standard of adults/offspring!

Tuesday night's concert was 

These are our last sets of morning challenges!
Animal Name Spelling...

Animal Puzzles...

and addition!

 The kids are having fun with the clay...they are making pizzas and cookies! Yum?

We had centers on Wednesday instead of Tuesday on account of a super fun 
"play date" switch-a-roo 
with Mrs. Kalmes and Mrs. Pilger's kids!
Here's our centers:
Spot the Giraffe Tally Marks...

Zebra Counting by 2s...

Kangaroo Syllables...

Feed the Elephant Subtraction...

Oh, aren't these adorable?
Thanks to Mrs. Pilger for finding our newest and most favorite end of the year project on Pinterest!

The 4th graders treated us to a fantastic reenactment of the Oregon Trail on Thursday!
 We were the pioneers!
 We had to 'purchase' food, water, ammunition, medicine, and supplies to get us from Missouri to Oregon!

 Sadly, we had 2 fatalities!
(Great acting, k kids!)

 This was a fabulous experience!
Well done, 4th grade!

 Tuesday's centers included:
'Going to the Zoo' weird building...

 BIG Numbers plus one!

  Symmetry butterflies...

Star words in a bottle search...

 We also had these fun projects as a brain break...

Well, the zoo trip was a little on the unpredictable side with the impending rain,
however, we DID IT!
We got to see the animals in between storms!
Thanks to all who came to help!



Due to the rain we came back to eat in our rooms, how cool was that?
Here are the "midnight brownies" I made for the kids as a reward for winning the abc game one last time!

Good Reads!

And now for the week of May 31-June 3:
Reading: Assess and Review
Math: Finish Graphing, Review, and Assess
Theme: Kings and Queens of Kindergarten!

Please send folders and back packs through Thursday as we have tons to send home!

We will meet you at Farmers' Park on Thursday around 11:30.  
We will eat at noon.  
A mini concert will follow.
Finally we will hand out packets and 
graduation certificates.
Then the day is yours!

Last student day is Friday, June 3.
Thank you for a wonderful year!

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