Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Week 17 Short a word families, Star Words 'me' and 'come, MITTENS!

As expected, and mercifully so, my dad passed away the day after Christmas. 
Thank you for all the cards and thoughts and prayers. 
 He was quite the character and will be missed!
 Crazy but true, we drove 2400 for one single evening and birthday morning in Indianapolis, then on to Atlanta to see the GRANDBABIES! Wow! What an adventure!
 This is Wren, Calla (birthday girl with birthday pancakes) and Crusoe...
 Here is 12 week old Pia Joy!
 Please meet Adalaide Fjaer Brasic, one week old!

So after traveling and funeral services, it felt very good to be back to "normal"...whatever that is!

On Tuesday the kiddos had centers.
Apparently I forgot to take pics of the kids in actions, sorry.
Here are the skills we worked on:
One more and one less...
 Sorting Bb, Dd, Gg, Qq, and Pp
 Sledding into Color Words...
 Sorting and Graphing Winter Shapes...

Wednesday brought new morning challenges:
ABC and Numeric Order...

 Beginning Sound Clip it...

 Mitten Sentences...

 Oh my goodness!  
We have 2 new members in the 100s Club!  Great Counting, Kiddos!
 To have fun and relieve a little of the "we can't go out for recess blues" we played a highly energetic game called...
The kidds 'unrolled' the snowball, read the word written on it, and tossed it at someone...mostly the teacher!
What a fun way to review!

 Wednesday afternoon we created these last name snowpeople!  The kids are required to write their last name on papers now, in order to master this skill we had this fun and creative project!

What a great Aa snack, APPLESAUCE and ANGELFOOD CAKE,
Nailed it!  Both sounds for A...short and long!
Thank you!
 Thursday was mitten day!
We really had to focus on penmanship as we WROTE our names with our MITTENS on!
We also had to write with our other hand 
and with our eyes shut!

 Thursday's centers included:
Mitten Addition...

Mitten Beginning and Ending sounds...

Mitten Friends...

Mitten Greater Than...

Good Reads....

And now for the week of January 9-13:

Reading:Letter Nn,  star words "with" & "my"
Math: finish teens and begin geometry 
Theme: Mittens and Winter
Science: How do animals move?
BIG NEWS: Family project snowpeople are due this week, how cute!  

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