Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Week 19 Letter Ff, star words 'you' 'what', THE BEACH!

Well, don't you just love a good ice storm?
I do enjoy the beauty that comes with it, 
just not the missing school...
 ...especially because this is the 
beginning of the BEACH unit!
A long time ago, I had a preschool class with 10 kids in it.  One cold wintery week in January, five of the ten of their families were on a tropical vacation!  So we decided to join them in spirit and the 
first annual BEACH theme in winter began!
What fun!

 First things first, 
this fella brought FRUIT snacks 
for the letter Ff treat this week!  
 The next photos are of the kids just having fun exploring the new beach items...

We created these cute chicka chicka boom boom coconut trees with last name practice for the hallway!

 Thursday brought new morning challenges...beach style!
Spelling Beach Words...

 Fish Numeric Order...
 Coconut Tree counting by 5s...

We also had centers on SHARK DAY!
This one is shark addition...

 Shark sounds...s or sh?

 Here is beach numeric order...

 and a cute little shark project!

This little smartie is practicing her star words JUST FOR FUN!
Friday was OCTOPUS DAY!  
 Good Reads!

And now for the week of January 23-27:
Reading: Letter Bb, star words 'are' 'now', middle sounds
Math: ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
 fractions (half and whole)
Theme: beach week continues
Science: How to sort animals
The Beach Party is Thursday, January 26!
Please refer to the note sent home Friday about appropriate beach clothes and fruit to share!
NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, January 27 Teachers' Workshop

100 Day Celebration is Friday, February 10
There is still time to volunteer, 
drop me a line!

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