Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Week 18 Letter Nn, Star Words 'with' & 'my', MITTENS!

Here's a few pics of what the crazy O'Duggan's do on HALF a weekend....head 6 hours to Moorhead and back again!
We are participating in EXPLORE MINNESOTA's winter scavenger hunt on the way to take our college girl back to school.
We found 4 checkpoints.  Check out this family friendly fun activity on:
 Maeve is tucked back in her apartment!
All you need is ramen and glitter apparently!
 Monday brought us new morning challenges:
Number words

  backwards abc order...
 Unscrambling star words...

 We've been practicing symmetry. 
Check out our great attempt with mittens!  
Look for a lucky duck book coming home soon.
This cutie brought us the perfect Nn snack...Nilla wafers! 

Math has been discovering how to make shapes from other shapes.

I just love our mitten many math, reading, and writing activities are involved in this cozy theme!
Here we are posing for pictures for a counting by 2s...

 Oh, look how adorable the family project snowpeople are!

 Thursday's centers included:
word family snowmen...

 Mitten ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd...)

 Ending sounds snowmen...

 Blizzard counting by 2s...

 We've been talking about snow and crystals.
How perfect that Titan's family donated these cute little science kits!  What fun!

 One of our new literacy skills this year is talking formally about adjectives.  The kids are doing a very nice job!
 Here is our sample of our best printing for the hallway describing our mittens!

 We also talked about characters and mapped out their appearance in two different versions of the folktale, the mitten...
 Good reads...
New Friday morning challenges:
CVC words...

 Snowmen sentences...

 We didn't get pics of the last died!
It was snowflake uppercase/lowercase matching.

Our Math lesson on Friday was an introduction to 3D shapes!
 Here's our fun new math poem!

And now for the week of January 16-20:
Reading: Letter Ff, Star Words 'you' & 'what'
Math: Finish Geometry Begin Ordinal Numbers and Fractions
Science: How do animals change and grow?
Theme: Dr. Martin Luther King and BEACH!
Thanks for all those who can help us on  February 10 for our 100th day celebration!
You can still sign up, just give me a jingle!
NO SCHOOL for kids Friday, January 27
End of the Semester Workshop

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