Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Fairs and Conferences and Flags

Thanks to everyone who came to conferences!
It is crazy how quickly our year is sailing by.

We began our week with a BOOK FAIR!
Here are a few pics of k kids perusing the books...

Wonderful Wednesday was FLAG day...

And of course we had time for building... 

Thursday we made apple pie!!!!!

Two kiddos searching for hidden objects.
I love that they are reading and checking off items!

Studing the globe...

 Building sentences with a partner

Noah's mom helping with giant tooth brushes

 We wrote about the tooth fairy at my table

 And we jumped and measured with links with Mr. C

On top of all this learning fun, we also hosted our Friday
rest movie with Mrs. Pilger's kids on pajama day!
They stayed for a play date!

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