Sunday, February 12, 2012

popcorn, pancakes, peanut butter,and popcorn!!!!

What a wonderful, delicious week we had last week!
but first here is our Groundhog chart!
I have to say these kiddos have a mind for science and comprehension skills!

 Here we are solving addition with dominoes..

Monday was popcorn day!
We learned many interesting facts in this book:
The Popcorn Book
Many kids had not seen air popped is kind of like magic!

Our first Venn Diagram

Tuesday was pancake day...although our Roll-a-Way Pancake project
took us a little longer than a day...
Pancakes, Pancakes!Pancakes for BreakfastMarsupial Sue Presents the Runaway Pancake

Yep, they flipped their own flapjacks!

We learned about characters in this project

February Family Projects are rolling in...adorable!

Our Dental Health table

Thursday was Peanut Butter Day!
Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Play Rhyme
We read about how peanuts are harvested and ground into peanut butter
(sorry, no image available of Make Me A Peanut Butter Sandwich )
So we shelled our own and ground them up!
We also leaned about George Washington Carver...a brilliant mind!

After grinding up peanuts we went right into 
Thursday stations!
Here we are writing about something that begins with Pp
in our pocket
Chris is helping with the peanut butter taste test!

We also measured hearts with cubes at Mr. C's station

Chris' station also involved creating this colorful star word match

Oh, Yeah, I had a birthday on Thursday...the kids were so sweet!
These lovely flowers are from my adult children...
I am blessed!

If you didn't hear, I was the KTTC trivia winner on Thursday morning!
How exciting!
I won a $20 gift certificate to a fancy restaurant in Rochester!
Then at Trader Joe's, the manager gave me 8 FREE candy bars
because I was a grateful customer!

Here we are on our Friday walk for Fitness Fever....

Here are a few more family projects:

The guessing box....

dental health work...We have 20 teeth!

The guessing jar is a hit!

Here's the hearts we measured....

and finally FRIDAY'S Pasta Party!
One of our favorite books about pasta...
don't forget to blow 3 besos...3 kisses!
Strega Nona

A perfect ending to Pp week!

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