Sunday, February 5, 2012

last week's pics and this week's line-up!

Some of our favorite Groundhog and Shadow books from last week...
Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather Groundhog Gets a Say  Moonbear's Shadow What Makes a Shadow? Guess Whose Shadow? Shadows (Scholastic Science Readers)

Groundhog pics....

 I LOVE these little guys...

we use these little guys to help track as we read!

Some new centers:

 Pasta Discovery Table

Dental Health Table

 The Pizza Place


Writing Center

 And more groundhogs!

Noah's Birthday bugs....mmmmm!

Learning Stations (a groundhog scene) with Noah's mom and....
Math centers with Mr. Carrier and...
 silly word  building with me!

Another of my favorites...
Shadow Pics!

January Family projects...

Can you believe it is the 74th day of K?

Family Update:
Remember the quiet weekends we had lately?
Well, it has finally caught up with us!
This weekend we were not all home together for more than 2 hours straight!
Friday we took the girls out to celebrate Tax Refund Day!
(Fionn was at a sledding party)
We ate a nice meal at Ground Round then spent the rest of our refund
at Heart's Desire on clearance hand warmers.
We know how to live it up, I tell you!

Saturday, after some crazy running around,
John and I went to Treasure Island for our yearly
bus trip with the school staff.
John won $107
I ate 5 desserts at the buffet!
He bought me a nice bracelet, too!
Also, the bus caught on fire on the way home
It was a small fire and we were able to get home safely.
I have bad travel carma, but that is a story for another day...
(it involves volcanoes, megathunderstorms, freak snowstorms, and train explosions)


Sorcha and I took John's winnings to my sister's boutique in Hudson, Belle Luce, on Sunday.
She has sold her little, cute boutique and was looking to
clearance out some of her inventory before turning over the reins
and I LOVE to help...sooo, no more winnings, John! Sorry!

Week of February 6-10
Reading: Letter Pp, sound for /p/ and short /a/, ending sounds in words
Math:  exploring dominoes ..number sets and one to one correspondence 
Please send 1/2 cup of pasta by Friday for our Pasta Party!
MMMM...wnat a fun and delicious week!

Please send the conference time sign-up sheet on Monday

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