Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week of January 30-February 3

Hi, All!
Here's some highlights at our home;

(Geez, another quiet weekend)
Fionn and I made a snowman...I didn't think it was THAT creepy!    ok...maybe a little....
We had another pinterest cooking weekend:
Homemade poptarts (pictured)  and girl scout smoas cookie bars were two  highlights!

a new toy!   What yummy fun!

Tiny Kitty thinks she is a joey and that John is her mama kangaroo!
Too funny!

And now for this week's highlights:

PLAY meeting is Monday night at 7:00....please come!

What a lovely Chinese New Year we had last week! Be sure check out our blogs and websites to see some cute pics of our switch-a-roo day and our dragon parade!

Report cards were sent home last Friday.  We will have time at conferences in February to go over any questions you might have.

This week in Language Arts we will review the letter Pp, sound for /p/, short a words, the star word 'and'', ending punctuation, and ending sounds.

Math finds us looking at numerals to 50 and counting to 50,  We also have a few measurement and number sense activities lined up.

Our themes vary with shadows, ground hogs, and February Fitness Fever!  Starting Wednesday and every Friday in February we will be starting our day with a vigorous walk throughout the school!  All grades participate, parents can join us, too!  We begin at about 8:20 and end around 8:40.  Come walk with us if you can!

Speaking of Fitness Fever, remember to keep track of Mrs. Stokke's homework. Please turn it in March 1 as she uses it as part of your child's report card grade.

Have an awesome week!

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