Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ice Cream and Gun Shows

It was kind of a quiet weekend...
I spent most of Friday night in our classroom
setting up for our 2 week Beach Unit
(another of my favorite units!)
Every now and then I truly enjoy
spending time alone at school.
Somehow 5 hours slipped by!
I will post pics later of our tropical paradise!
Saturday we took Sorch and a friend along to a gun show in La Crosse.
She LOVES seems just yesterday she was our fairy girl!
She spends lots of daddy time these days target shooting.
I went for ice cream
 and the book store on Pearl Street!

 Teeny Tiny Cherry Almond Ice Cream Cone

I love La Crosse!

We did go home with some balisong knives
(butterfly knives)
sooooo....we need more band aids!
They are fun, addicting to flip open and shut, and only slightly dangerous!
We have now duct taped the edges.
Safety first ! 
Okay, just so you don't think I am a horrible parent,
I wouldn't let my 1st born use a butter knife until she was 5!

This week in Kindergarten:
January 9-13
We are going to the BEACH! (Well, using our imaginations and a little sand, a beach umbrella or two, and some seashells we'll pretend we are somewhere tropical!) Next week will be our beach party...stay tuned for details.
Reading:Letter Vv, short a words, star word 'to', ending punctuation
Math: number sense to 20, missing numeral, greater than

AIMSWEB testing this week....wish us luck!

On Tuesday we will watch a program called "Critters and Company" which teaches us social skills using real animals.
 There is an evening program at 6:30, too.
Everyone is welcome!

The K Team,

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