Monday, January 2, 2012

Was Winter break not over in a blink of the eye?  
Some of our family's highlights:

We took the kids to Sherlock Holmes on
Christmas Eve...a pretty good movie
considering it is a sequel!

Then I stayed up ALL NIGHT Christmas Eve
Baking and cleaning and crafting to Christmas carols...
singing loudly and off key...
absolutely enjoying every minute!
perpetual journals x3

gingerbread grandkids for my mom

Maeve's Community Shadow Puppet Theater...

Then Christmas Morning
finally arrived:
A Dr. Who Christmas!!!
notice the dorky ties...
we embrace our geekiness!

Sonic Screwdriver!

Loved this episode...Van Gogh

PS3 finally!

Nothing says "I love you" like maple candy right from Vermont!
Our Silkie Chicken spent the Holidays IN the house...
She was injured and in shock but as you can see
she pulled through...
Tiny Kitty was pecked on the head more than once...

Pippan's new sweater

The reigning mini Foosball Champion!!!!

We FINALLY got to see Wren!!!!!

and Shae and Chris
Graham and Melissa
and Lee, too, of course!

We played games, ate, swam, ate some more
decorated cookies...
minute to win it stacker game...Fionn won!

at my dad and shot, just our kids!
We are 11 now!
at my mom's

another minute to win it game
drop the icicles
and cookie face game...

finally at the pool!

cookie decorating in the hotel room

one of our new family games...sour apples to apples!

The time went way too quickly...
Shae, Chris, and Wren went back to Indianapolis,
Graham to Atlanta,
and Melissa to Minneapolis...

which leaves LEE 
and his 23rd Birthday!
After a tasty meal at Jefferson's
he headed back to Mankato...
Back down to 3 kids and New Years Eve...

a tasty cream feast!

And now our Kindergarten update...
Welcome 2012!
Our first week in the new year we will spend preparing for the AIMSWEB tests coming up next week. 
We will also be looking at the letter Hh, star word 'a', short a words, and punctuation. 
Math finds us reviewing,printing, counting objects to 20.
Our themes include Winter and Mittens!

The K Team,

Bonnie Kalmes  elem site, academics tab,kindergarten

Suzanne Pilger           

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