Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King and Beach Party Week

We began our week with a celebration of diversity!
Here's 3 books we read on Monday.
The 1st two are obvious choices for MLK day.
The Alphabet Tree is a multifaceted learning tool...
on the surface it shows us how letters group together to form words,
how words join to make sentences...
The most important sentence they made?
"Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards ALL men!"

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. The Land of Many Colors (My First Library)The Alphabet Tree
Here we are creating our own 

We had a social experiment in judging by appearances.
I offered the kids the choice of two bags.
Both had something to eat in it.
Both were approximately the same weight and size.
The only difference was the outside.
One was very sparkly and lovely.
The other was a plain brown bag.
The kids unanimously voted for the fancy bag...
Inside we food!
Oh no!
The plain bag had M&M's!
After much discussion about
"It's on the inside what matters"
We did share the candy!

3 more family projects:

Due to our early dismissal on Thursday,
we began our Beach Party on Tuesday afternoon.
During our regular choice time we took out the beach day centers:



Under the sea journaling with Mrs. G

making sailboats with Mrs. Gnadt and...
painting with bubbles:


bubbles were a favorite choice time activity

 "pirate" legos were, too!

the boats turned out adorable!

Finally it was beach party day!!!!

We also had a switch-a-roo day!
Here's some pics of Mrs. Kalmes' class in our room
painting clams 


and playing....we were in Mrs. Pilger's room
playing Beach Bingo
later we went to Mrs. Kalmes' to paint rainbow fish
What a fun day!

 Some of Mrs. Pilger's kiddos

 Here's a few of our beach bunnies!

chocolate covered, of course!

One of our favorite beach books!
Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise


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