Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baptism and Anniversary

Another fast weekend has come and gone!

I spent most of it on the road.
My beloved Aunt Laine, at the age of 60, was baptized.
I headed to Sparta to help with her lovely meal.
Here she is just before the ceremony.

I am always interested in learning about one of the many
diverse religions in our country.
This was my first Morman experience.
She was fully submerged for her baptism.
Very interesting!

Because I returned home quite late,
My sweetie and I waited until Sunday to celebrate
our 18th Wedding Anniversary!

My how time flies!

We spent the entire day in Rochester.
I even had LOBSTER 
for the first time in 20 years!

I really didn't take many pictures this weekend....sorry...
Here is a sweet one of Tiny Kitty and Billy Buddy, Dr. Horrible
They LOVE each other!

And now this week in Kindergarten:
Dear K Families,

What fun we've been having with our beach theme!
Thursday is the day....Our Beach Party!
Due to1:00 dismissal, there will be little time for changing so please make sure your child is WEARING their beach clothes under their warmer clothes.  Sandals are fun but be sure to have both gym shoes AND boots available.  We will have a switch-a-roo day on Thursday, too!

We will also be learning about the letter Cc, sound for /c/, star words 'to' and 'my' as well as short a words.
In Math we are reviewing and assessing for report card skills.

1:00 dismissal Thursday
No School on Friday for kids-Teachers 'Workshop

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