Saturday, January 7, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes "....I am just not in the mood!"

"Mrs. Gnadt, would you please ask ________ to quit telling me he loves me?
 I asked him to stop and he keeps saying it. 
 I am just not in the mood!"

"Mrs. O', _______ was making bad decisions in phy ed.
I told him I can still be his friend because he has kindness in his heart,
he just has to let it out!"

I LOVE my job!

This week we eased into our routine.
Snow and mittens were our themes.
First time ever teaching this unit, that we didn't have snow, and didn't really need mittens!
So we made our own snow!
First on pieces of paper, with words written on them, and crumpled up.
Then we had a good old fashioned 
(we had to read the word before throwing)
The next pics are blurry action shots....

Then mixed up a batch of "Insta Snow",
a polymer that absorbs water and increases in size 100x
Here is a link to Steve Spangler Science
(I LOVE him!  Even had lunch with him once in Minneapolis!)
We also learned that snow was made of crystals,
so we mixed up a batch of those, too!

Here are some Wonderful Wednesday pics:

 Playing with that "Snow"
 Making snow people with repurposed creamer containers

 Scrap paper snow people 

 Mr.Carrier's mittens for our mitten book

2 games from recycled candy boxes

 ABC review SPLAT

 Mitten project with Chris
 literacy stations

 Math stations with Mr. Carrier

 Reviewing AIMSWEB 
What a fun week!

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