Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Week Fun!!!!

First of all, Thank you for the lovely assortment of gifts!
I am always touched by the generosity of Lewiston/Altura families!

Here is a fun link for your k kiddo:

Have fun!

Reading Buddies

One last pic of the igloo (it met an unfortunate end)


Word building

Snow cave

reading rock stars

"Reindeer Nose" round 1

the winner!
 Waiting for our Christmas Concert to begin...

Nice job, K Kids!
 Wonderful Wednesday activities:

taking down the igloo...

 "Reindeer Nose" round 2...

the winner!
 Christmas Party Fun!
Thank you to our awesome parents
who planned and purchased items
for our party!

Here's to you!
Hope your Holidays are peaceful and healthy 
and full of love and joy!
Cherish these years with your k kid...
Merry Christmas!

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