Friday, December 2, 2011

Penguins are COOL!

What a Perfect Penguin end of the week we've had!
We learned a lot about these polar birds!
Did you know there are 17 different kinds of penguins?
That the smallest is called a fairy penguin and it is about the size of a cat?
That the largest is the emperor penguin and it weighs 100 pounds?
We learned the words 'pipping' (to hatch out of an egg)
and 'tobagganing' (to slide on your belly to get around)
Ask your child what penguins eat!
Fish, krill, squid, and octopi round out their diet!
 The kids made these proud penguins
after we filled in this chart....
We also measured ourselves to see who was taller, us or the emporer penguin!
We built some sentences with penguins as the noun:

What fun!
  I cannot miss telling  you about Thursday's learning stations with Mr. Carrier and Noah's Mom!
This is the first time all 3 stations were academic in nature...a little tougher than normal but still loads of fun!
Here we are with the great number race with Chris:

and then working on numerals to 20 with Mr. C:

And finally my last name/penguin facts/and "I Like..." table:

What generous K Families!
Our class brought in 49 items on the first day!

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and Hop To The Top

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