Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week of December 12-16

We had a very nice, relaxing yet productive weekend.

We finished putting up Christmas lights (8 sets burned out since taking them down last year...grrrr!)
We put the real tree up in the living room, the teddy bear tree in the dining room, and the gingerbread tree in the kitchen...that along with Lee's moose tree makes 4 and a ton of boxes from the attic!
Pictures uploaded soon....

I finished a photo book on Shutterfly  for John's was our Indianapolis RV trip last July.
And Our Christmas card is nearly finished!

We Skyped twice with Shae and is amazing to me how quickly 8 month old Wren figured out what the Skype beeps mean...she literally races to the computer to "talk" to her Grandma when she hears the "beep booop beep!"

Sorcha  made a chocolate lava cake in the crock pot...mmmmm!
Fionn made pepperoni bread.
Maeve had to choose 2 of her outdoor "teenage" kitties to be adopted by Noah's family....she's kind of sad as she will miss them,but happy they get to live in a nice, warm shed!

And I know this is going to shock family and friends, but I did NOT take a single pic this weekend!
Here is a pic from last Wednesday when we made our annual stop at Johnson's Christmas House in Winona....Thanks Dan and Claudia for a 20 year tradition! (they are just off Sarnia...before Huff)

This week in Kindergarten:

I will be gone Tuesday along with a handful of other teachers to a Technology Convention in Minneapolis.  Mr. Riebel has great technological plans for our school!  Mrs. Sikkink is our sub.

Reading: Letter Nn, sound for /n/, star words 'my' and 'like'
Math: Winter Math themes, counting, numerals to 20, patterning
Theme: Winter Time!

Please get out those permanent markers and write your family's name on all winter wear!

Here's 2 more family project pics:

and some photos of a fun gingerbread math game:

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