Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gingerbread Week!!!! My favorite!!!

This is one of my favorite weeks in Kindergarten!
This is going to be a LOOOOOONG blog....did I mention I love this week?
Lots of pics!

FIRST OF ALL, here's a favorite link the kids have been using at Learning Centers:
A cute, easy to use gingerbread making page...Have fun!

We began the week by sharing our family projects...
Nice speeches, K Kids!
(yes, they give an intro, body of speech, and conclusion!)

Then a little abc order gingerbread man strips....

Journaling about the gingerbread man....

oh,dear...a close call for the gingerbread woman!

Our Wonderful Wednesday was filled with 
Gingerbread projects and several
Christmas boxes....
Great Christmas pattern!

Sorting Christmas items

Signing in gingerbread style

MMMMM....Gingerbread playdo!

Mrs. Sauers was our helper 
Here we are signing a card for
Mr. Saxton's last music class day.
Best of luck!

decorating the kitchen

Adding "frosting" to our gingerbread kids...

Phase 1 completed...
A Little more decorating while they dry...

Phase 2...adding details!
lots and lots of choices...

 Here's the "frosting" recipe:
Equal parts white glue, white tempera paint, and....
shaving cream!
Of course a sprinkling of glitter!!!

They are beautiful and unique!
 Here's the little ones we made with
Mrs. Sauers and Mrs. Sobek

 More big ones....

So proud of our creations!

cute center

a fun graph:

We talked about how to describe words:

Here's this week's Morning Challenge:
It's all about teamwork!

 ABC Order
 Numeric order...
 Puzzle Time

(this was Friday's...we wanted you to see the completed puzzle....nice job, kiddos!)

We finally get to "roll" out gingerbread dough,
cut out shapes....

and bake!  
We cooked our creations in
 a roaster....the aroma was delicious!

Finally time to decorate...

And EAT!!!!

Here's a brand new gingerbread math game:

Finally, stations with Noah's Mom, Mr.Carrier, and me!
 Here's my felt gingerbread man decorating table...

Here's Chris and her '-at' family projects:

And Mr. Carrier with his sets of cookie
journal page

Here's our finished product!
Too cute!

 We have read many different versions of the folktale
Gingerbread Man!

Here are a few:

Gingerbread CowboyGingerbread Friends
The Gingerbread Family: A Scratch-and-Sniff BookGingerbread Baby     The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal CrackersGingerbread ManThe Gingerbread Girl

On Monday we will be making a character map of some of our favorite Gingerbread Boy books!
So, we end this week, smelling faintly of cinnamon and ginger, a little sticky, but oh so glad
to have had these great experiences together!

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