Monday, December 5, 2011

I ADORE Winter!!!!
We spent   Saturday and Sunday just playing in the snow
and decorating for Christmas!

 the chicken coop is nearly finished!

 Don't do it!!!

 happy dogs!

restore window in chicken the stars!

practicing Christmas card ideas....

And now for this week:
Winter is finally here! Yay!  Please help your k kid bring snow pants, boots, mitten/gloves, a warm hat, and winter jacket everyday!  We go outside daily unless the temperature is below zero. BE SURE TO SEND THOSE WARM CLOTHES ON THE BITTER COLD DAYS as we will send them home bundled up.  Also make sure those items have your family's name on them.  If your kiddo wears boots to school, please help her/him remember to pack tennis shoes.  If you are planning on keeping extra snow pants and/or boots at school, please send a note.  But remember, on those super cold days (below 0), your child will wear those warm clothes home, just send them back the next day. Thanks!

This week in Kindergarten:
Reading/Language Arts: Letter Bb, sound for /b/, star word 'my', beginning sounds.
Math :recognizing numerals and printing numerals to 20. Patterning~core pattern, repeating pattern.
Theme: Gingerbread!

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