Friday, December 16, 2011

Advice from a 6 year old to his friend "It's okay to be scared, when I was a little kid I got nervous,too!"

Kids are so funny!
I guess 6 is getting up there in years!

Here's more Wonderful Wednesday fun from this week:
The gingerbread play dough is a hit!

Pattern blocks are always fun...

 Cookies are done!

Smartboard Smarties 

 No wonder I can not win the ABC game....the kiddos are always practicing!


Another popular area...the writing center

and the painting station

And housekeeping...

Something new this week...the kiddos put on a puppet show!

And we painted glittery trees!

Homeroom kids working on our new puzzle


 Sentence building in the igloo

Friday's Kindergarten Switch-a-Roo Day...
Here's Mrs. Kalmes' class designing wrapping paper

And painting....shhhhh! It's a surprise!

Our class in Mrs. Pilger's room creating cards and bags

Mrs. Pilger's class designing paper...

 The messy present from our room....
Sorry, I couldn't get to Mrs. Kalmes' room to take pics,
but the kids had a blast making your present!

After the concert on Tuesday, we will send our gifts to you home!

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