Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas....

What a wonderful time of year!
If you've a chance,
The lobby of the Kahlor Hotel in Rochester
has this HUGE gingerbread house!

You can actually smell it before you see it!

Those are big Hershey bars around that door...

  I want to live here!

What an awesome photo op!

Here's what my youngest 3 did on
Saturday....SIMS is keeping
them busy!

And here's what kept 
my hubby and me busy....

Making gifts!!!!
We love a homemade Christmas!

John took me to his company's
Christmas party....
I was tipped off that he
might be getting an award
so I insisted we go....
We rarely go...
He was suspicious....
He won Technical DieCasting's
Employee of the Year!!!
And now for this short and busy week:
During this last week before our Winter break, we will be reviewing and assessing for 2nd quarter midterms.  We will send home mid-quarter assessments this week if at all possible.

Tuesday is our Holiday concert!  We will be performing at 12:55...we are soooo excited!
After the performance, you are welcome to pick your child up to watch older siblings or to take your child home for the day.  PLEASE check in with your child's teacher in their homeroom.

Thursday afternoon are our Holiday parties!  Thanks to all the creative parents planning our fun!

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!

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